Return to the Gorean City of Thentis

A few days ago Drax and I travelled to Thentis, you may have seen in the comments on this blog that Hilda from the Thentis sim invited me over to take a look around.  It was back to where Drax and I first met nearly two years ago, I had wandered into the old Thentis city and there he was.  He had been kind to me that day, offering to let me sit with him while one of the slave girls served him drinks.  I’d wanted to do a story on a Gorean sim and I was taking notes as I went along, little knowing that we would become good friends and have been on many adventures since.  At home beforehand, Drax donned his sword, and with his Gorean outfit he looked the true part.  I’d decided to go in as a Scribe Free Woman, as Drax had explained what the role was, and it seemed fitting for someone who does a lot of writing!

D 1

I’d wanted a nice dress for the journey and searched around until I found one at Evie’s Closet, it was a lot of Lindens, but worth it as the outfit was well made with the skirts moving gracefully as I walked.  Free women have to wear a mask over their lower face and I find this a bit strange, but rules are rules and it wasn’t as drafty as being dressed as a slave!  We set off and teleported over to a snowy Thentis which looked very prettily landscaped.  The gates were locked and there were not many people around, we had picked the wrong time to go really, and we will return when people are there, but we thought we would get the layout of the city this time around.  The new Thentis is very elegant with its light stone buildings and dwellings, we had scaled the gates and hoped Hilda would not mind too much if we did look around.

D 2


We met one of the slave girls Callie, who knelt shivering in the snow and we asked her a few questions before we carried on with our journey around the city.  She mentioned the gates being locked and Drax told her that he still had the key from the old Thentis (jokingly!!).  She kindly asked us if we would like a tour, but I was trying to find Hilda, so we declined her offer, thanking her.


As we wandered I saw Hilda on my radar and I sent her a message that we were in Thentis.  She came over to see us, and Hilda’s role is a slave girl to her Master Havoc Rau who owns the sim.  We told Hilda we thought Thentis looked very good, we were impressed with the city, but asked her why the gates had been locked.  She told us that they have been having raids, so it looks like there is plenty of action going on in the city.



We told Hilda we would like to return when we all have more time, (and I would like to thank her for inviting us over).  She took us back to the gates and kindly unlocked them for us to leave, we wished her Safe Paths and left the city.  We sat outside for a little while talking, we would like to go back soon and see some role play as well.  I will have to polish up on my Gorean greetings and etiquette, Drax is just a natural at it!!

 D 7


2 Responses to Return to the Gorean City of Thentis

  1. Drax Ember says:

    We’ll have to head back during a busier time in the city. It will be interesting to see how people interact. Each city seems to morph from the standard “by the book” concept into a culture and personality of it’s own. In the old days sims such as Port Kar, Glorious Ar, Cardonicus, Tarnburg and Laura were so much different than one another. It was fun to jump from one type of RP style to another.

  2. It’s all very interesting how people create their own style from one theme. I would love to go back with you and see what happens in Thentis and maybe see some of the other sims too!

    Janey x

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