Max the Cat Thinks for Himself and Nice Time at the Cafe.

My little cat Max, the Siamese kitten that Drax gave to me, has been running around our shop in SL Kensington, even when I’ve not been there he has been carrying on and keeping Hibiscus company.  Well he often falls asleep in the middle of the floor, turns over with his little fat belly in the air and snores loudly!  I went into the shop the other day and sat on one of the couches as Max snored away, so I decided to wake him up by calling him over.  I was astonished when he actually jumped up on my lap, he has never done that before and the cheeky thing went back to sleep, even turning over and snoring.  I’m sure he has his own virtual intelligence going on somewhere along the line, amazes me anyway!

Max 1

Max 2

I published quite a bit on CNN this week, lots to do with Remembrance day and the Berlin Wall falling anniversary as well as the brilliant castle that Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire had built.  I got an IM from CNN Producer Henry Hanks who told me that my castle article had been put on the CNN ireports homepage as well, which means it gets extra coverage, I was really pleased about that as Johnny’s castle was so well made!  I did go along to the CNN meeting later though and sat talking to them all when Drax arrived half way through, and told me I had no hair!! how shameful sitting there with my head shining for everyone to see, I coud see it on my viewer, so I had no idea!  here we go again back to the no hair days, come on Lindens don’t do this to me!!   Later on Drax, Hibiscus, Ed and I went over to a new cafe in SL Knightsbridge, next door to the UGC.  It’s really nice you can play snooker, get yourself a cup of coffee and listen to the music from the club.

Max snooker table

max coffee

Ed was up to mischief dancing on the table which made us laugh, then Drax had to go back to real life, as the rest of us sat down and enjoyed a chat.  I think this will be a nice meeting place, it feels right and is near all the lively things going on in the club next door, so you can just pop in for a dance if you want to!

max Ed dance

Max sitting at table


4 Responses to Max the Cat Thinks for Himself and Nice Time at the Cafe.

  1. Brie Janick says:

    So it was Drax who left those muddy footprints on the table took me ages to scrub them clean lol

  2. Lol, Brie, it was actually Ed but he tried to blame Drax, I think they both get up to mischief if they can get away with it, next time they can both clean the tables for you!!

    Janey x

  3. Ed follet says:

    Hey, my Mummy always told me to ‘sit up’ at the table so I choose a chair that is well pulled in. Trouble is when you stand up to leave, you find your avatar on top of the table. One way to clear the table though, but it could be expensive in crockery ha ha.

  4. But did your Mummy tell you to dance on the table once you were up there? No I didn’t think so, hehe

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