Johnny’s Castle Furniture Gives My Home A Makeover!

After I wrote about Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire’s fabulous castle that he is selling, I asked him if I might have some furniture and Johnny was lovely,  giving me enough to do my entire house out.  It wasn’t easy though, as I have a modern beach house, but luckily I can modify the walls and flooring to change the textures.  I left the outside the same as it fits into the island surroundings, but set about darkening the interior and adding wood and stonework to the walls. 

The furniture is absolutely beautiful, you can adjust your sitting poses on the chairs and couches.  Drax came over and he liked the new look, we tried the pair of the chairs out, you would use as thrones in the castle, and the poses suited us very well for male and female roles.

The remarkable thing is that Johnny uses sculptie stuff and all the pieces of furniture are either one or two prims.  The big red bed is only three prims, what a difference to the prim loaded furniture that I usually buy.

One of the nicest things is a seat that goes with the vanity unit, you sit there and you can brush your hair, the animation is really well done, you click the seat and find you are offered the hairbrush, then it looks so real as you brush your hair.

Thanks Johnny! I have really made good use of your furniture and love the look of the house, it was due for a change of style and this is great!


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