Flying With The Tarn and Camera Mistake

I met Drax and we went over to a sandbox, Alphonso Pidgeon had kindly given Drax one of his Slea-z-boy chairs and we were looking forward to trying it out.  Drax looked relaxed in the chair as he put it through its paces. 

He suddenly thought it might be a good idea to fly the tarn again, the Gorean bird that he hasn’t practiced with for some time.  It’s a giant vicious looking black bird with nasty talons and a sharp beak.  As we intended flying over a Gorean city I put my new Freewoman Dress on (it’s lovely, pale blue and very floaty, plus you get the headdress with it too).  Off we sped and soon arrived over the rooftops of Thentis.

Drax soon got the hang of the tarn, turning and twisting above the city, it was a smooth ride, the tarn screeched and you could hear it’s wings flapping as it gained height.  Eventually Drax brought it down safely within the city walls and he jumped off.  I followed but landed near the vicious beak of the tarn who tried to bite  and scratch me with his huge talons, what a bad-tempered bird!

(You may notice I have blocked part of the pictures out with a blue square.  I took loads of pictures over the day and had forgotten to untick the bit on the camera that shows the interface of chat boxes and text, so it was a bit of a disaster.  There’s a real lesson to be learned for me to make sure I put the camera controls back the way they were at the end of using the camera to shoot the interface (I use it to photograph some pictures taken in-world).  I had a whole day of nearly wasted pictures.)

After Drax put the tarn back in its cage we decided to go to Avilion, which was great, as I already had my long dress on.  The Avilion ballroom is so pretty and we had a couple of dances until we had to return to real life.


6 Responses to Flying With The Tarn and Camera Mistake

  1. Drax says:

    What a wonderful evening! You were even more graceful than the tarn!!!

  2. Awww thank you, it was a lovely evening and you had that big bad bird very well trained!!

  3. Boye Jervil says:

    I shudder to think of the size of a tarn’s droppings, it would put Ed’s Lancaster bomber to shame. BJ

  4. So funny Boye, lol, yes the fact that this tarn can be used in battle makes sense now, he just has to do a big one over the city, the battle would be won!

  5. Boye Jervil says:

    A winning strategy, the enemy would certainly be ‘de-turd’

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