Heavyweight Global Warming To Role Play In Gor

Most of my attention has been drawn to writing stuff on CNN this week, I have been invited to go to the in-world Copenhagen climate change conference by the organiser, as fellow ireporter Vickie Maistone had told him about me, but I had to IM the organiser back and say although I am accepting the invitation, which was really nice, I am also a sceptic and I have been writing about the leaked emails belonging to the top scientist Prof Phil Jones who it seems has been manipulating the data because the planet isn’t warming up at all.  See Global Warming or a Scam, An Update on Global Warming and Global Warming, when the Truth is Really Inconvenient.  I realised that I would be in for a lot of stick because people are pretty fanatical about green issues, calling sceptics ‘deniers’ or ‘flatearthers’ as it’s treated like a religion and I think if this had been going on in the 17th Century the Save the Planet brigade may have even hunted sceptics down and burned them at the stake, but I just think the truth should be out there, the media are doing a great job of covering the leaked emails up.  I will try to get to most of the in-world conference as it is linked straight into the real world one, who knows they may even have a balanced debate, but I doubt it somehow.   

The nice thing about SL is that you can take your mind off of stuff like Global Warming for a little while and just enjoy wandering around.  I took my Arabian horse for a ride around virtual London, Brie and Torric and their London team have been putting up the Christmas lights and it looks a treat.

Later on Drax and I took to the skies on the tarn again, he is getting really good at controlling the giant bird.  We flew back over to the Gorean City of Thentis and made a very smooth landing in one of the streets there.  The tarn really dislikes me, as every time I get off him he tries to bite me, I had a meter attachement on that shows when I am in danger and the tarn was having a right go.  I think he has bonded with Drax and doesn’t like anyone else, what a nasty bird!

We looked around the city and found some people sitting around a big fire and we asked if we could join them.  We sat and chatted for a while and I tried a bit of role play as a free woman.  I am still a bit rusty with it all, but I enjoyed having a go and exchanged questions with the others at the fireside.  It made a real change to real life politics and was a bit of fun.


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