Interesting Chat at CNN, Riding the Big Wheel and Stilettos

I knew for certain that anything said against the holy grail of global warming would be met with lots of opposition from the ‘I’m better than you at saving the planet’ lynch mobs, as there are many commenters full of hatred and vitriol on the comments pages of CNN’s ireports, who like to try to beat each other with scientific evidence that they have ‘googled’ off the internet,  thinking it sounds good.  So I went over to CNN to see what they thought about the two sides of the argument, especially on damning evidence that the original scientists at Anglia University,who constructed the whole thing, had been manipulating their data and have even destroyed the original raw data on which it was based.  To be honest, I wasn’t really going to go this week, but friend Ed Follet had put his first report on and I wanted to hear about that, well done Ed, it was a great article about the Christmas Tree that Norway give to London each year, and had a nice piece of history included.  Virtual London receive a tree from Virtual Norway, so it’s becoming a good tradition within SL.  There were only a few people at the CNN meeting, Apollo Manga, Any1 Gynoid, Ed Follet, Hibiscus Hastings and myself.  Nicole arrived and took us through the week’s stories and didn’t really have a lot to say about global warming except that it was a ‘hot button’ issue and hard to take one side without alienating.  Nicole, being so busy in real life in the CNN office, had to rush off leaving us in the meeting area.  We normally get up and leave as the meetings finish, but this time we stayed around to chat for a while.  Apollo, who is an absolutely fantastic writer and has contributed quite a few ireports, discussed the global warming thing, and although he is a believer, he thought it was only fair to hear about both sides of the debate, which you can’t say any fairer than that!  We talked about American politics and it was interesting from my point of view as British politics is quite a different set up to theirs.  I think they feel more passionately about their favourite politicians then we do, but share the extreme dislike for the opposition just like us.  Sarah Palen seems a dicey person to talk about, people either love her or hate her, one to watch I would say.  I’m watching the SL global Copenhagen site with interest to see how it all goes this week, at the moment they just seem to be promoting green merchandise and really and truly they are not actually connected to the real conference at all, but quite independent.

Now I have bored you all with the global warming and politics, I will cover a couple of other things.  Virtual London has a brand new area that has been added in the last couple of days, the old Chelsea sim has been renamed Westminster and moved next to Mayfair and I’m really looking forward to seeing that being developed.  I had loved my apartment in Chelsea and Hibiscus loved hers too, we had lots of happy times there before the sim was altered and the rents increased so that the other tenants moved out.  They could not afford the 150% increase on the rent for less prim allowances.  Hib and I had our apartments rent free because we promoted virtual London on Virtually London (lite), but it soon became a bit of a ghost sim living there.  Once I decided to close the blog too (which I am glad to say is up and running again as matters have been resolved!), I thought it was best to move on, that’s when we rented out great little shop in virtual Kensington, a beautiful sim created by TD Reinard!  Last night there was a party in the new Westminster and they had live British singers appearing and a funfair outside.  Hib and I went over earlier and sat chatting on the giant ferris wheel, makes me wonder if they are going to include the London Eye wheel at some time too.

I didn’t know what to wear to the party, but opted for a skirt and top plus my lovely stiletto shoes that I got for free.  I had a call from friend TXBarbara Bailey one day, and she told me that Stiletto Moody Shoes, who sell the most wonderful shoes in SL, were giving a pair of their shoes away because it was their anniversary and I went over and got them.  I treasure them dearly, as they charge large amounts of Lindens for their shoes, prices averaging L$1,400, but they are very very nice.  I haven’t branched out and bought any yet, but may well treat myself one day, well I think I need at least a couple of pairs to keep me going!!


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