Party at CNN and Exploring Some Role-Play

Virtual London has had loads going on this week, live singers and tribute bands and it’s a good job that I have Ed and Hib with me, Ed did a great job of covering the tribute Bon Jovi concert Saturday night, while I covered the live artists Friday and the wonderful Maximillion Kleene earlier on Saturday at the opening of the new Cafe in SL Knightsbridge.  I have been wanting to wander about the grid lately and try out new sims, both Drax and I thought we would look at some of the role-play places again.  We went to a Greek sim and got chatting with a lady there who was very nice and told us a bit about it,  There was actually a battle just starting in the arena so we climbed to the balcony and looked down at the clash between the Greek soldiers and the Ottomans.

After watching the combat we got changed and planned on heading into a Gorean sim, stopping off at Murray on the way and who should be there? the naughty but nice Nazna skipping around and still as cute as ever!

We did teleport over to a Gor sim from Murray and it took ages for the buildings etc  to rez.  I followed Drax and we ended up in a wooden building, when the man in there challenged me.  I told him in brackets that we could not see, which means you are talking out of role play, and it seems that the role I played is not allowed in taverns, and this is where I had ended up.  I apologised for trespassing and followed Drax out again, he could not see either on first arriving, however the guy was very snotty and didn’t respond ‘off stage’ so I take it he doesn’t take kindly to strangers entering his ‘patch’ .  I wonder sometimes if they want visitors to their sims as another one we went to had just changed meters (something you wear to tell you your health etc) and when we enquired about getting the new meter we were told we couldn’t, so no role play there then!  Perhaps they find new people a bit of a challenge, maybe they like sticking to the same storylines all the time, who knows!

We will still travel around looking, it’s a bit of fun and you never know what you will find, we had gone to an excellent Medieval one the other week and the people were lovely, all playing their parts very well.  Drax is good at the role play and I am catching up a little bit and saying more, even if I’m not sure what is going on sometimes!   After all the exploring, we had a meeting at CNN Island yesterday  and Nicole quickly ran through some of our week’s stories and then announced that we should party for the rest of the time.  She took us over to the dance floor at the back of the meeting area and we all started to dance around, drinks in hand and Nicole even had the Christmas card I gave her last year for some reason, I think she was really getting into the spirit of things!

Nicole, Ed, Apollo, Hib, Widget and me had fun and it is the last meeting of 2009 so there is a long break till after the new year. 

Nicole said goodbye and Drax arrived for the last few minutes and we had stopped dancing, bit of a relief really, as he likes to do his breakdancing and usually knocks people over with his spinning around!  The conversation went all downhill from then onwards, fish puns!  like ‘you fin you know best’ and stuff like that, so funny!  Anyway it was a CNN meeting with a difference and I would like to wish them all a Happy Christmas and Great New Year for 2010!


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