New Porsche Hits The London Streets

I picked up a new SL car the other day, I know Hibiscus dreaded me getting my old car out, I still can’t make out why, as I don’t think my driving is that bad! it’s just that the streets are very narrow in Virtual London and the corners are tight to negotiate.  Anyways I went over to a new Amsterdam sim and they had a freebie shop there with lots of goodies like textures and other bits, then I spotted the Porsche.  I decided to get it and went back to our shop in Virtual Kensington where Hib and Ed were chatting.  I told them about my new car and they wanted to see it so I rezzed it outside in the road.  It was all lovely and shiny and new, with great wheels.  I got in and Ed decided to get out his Mini Moke for a race.

I invited Hib to get into the passenger seat, but she couldn’t and ended up on the roof as I took off along the London streets.  I was actually quite surprised, I had a lot more control over the Porsche than I did over my other car and could actually go along in straight lines, well part of the way.  Ed sped past in his Mini Moke and I didn’t see it, but Max the Siamese kitten had tried to follow me and got lost!  Ed had seen him, but although I went back, he was nowhere to be seen. 

Ed finally joined Hib on top of the Porsche roof and we took a trip around Knightsbridge.  I was a little bit worried about passing the Underground Club in case I lost control and landed up inside, however it was ok and I got really good at driving on the wide bits!

Back at the shop Max was still missing and I called him but he never came.  Luckily I found him in my inventory and got him out again, the little cat is clever though, he will follow me anywhere in the sim that I rez him in and only by teleporting out, can I leave him in one spot.  The car was a really good freebie and a lot of fun to drive.


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