SL Christmas

Christmas is all over and it seems to have come and gone really quickly, all the work that people had done with the beautiful snowy sims will soon be melting away with Spring in mind after the new year.  I went wandering quite a bit over Christmas and there were many lovely places to visit, hopping onto sleighs, looking at the fairy lights, walking through crunchy snow and ice skating with the free skates that people kindly left.

 My friends all came into SL over the Christmas, Hibiscus, Drax and Ed and we met up for some fun, I found a giant Santa hat in my inventory I never even realised I had, and I sped around the London streets with Ed sitting on the edge, Hib had gone off in the other direction with hers and I lost her, but she got stuck in a wall somewhere, I wished I’d seen it, I bet it was funny, I had no control over the one I was driving!


Drax and I went over to perhaps the nicest Christmas sim, Old Europe, the music was nice too and you could skate or wander or just chat to the other people who arrived there, it was always busy.

Christmas night was a good night in the Coach and Horses in virtual Mayfair, Ed and I went along to join Torric, Billy and all the others and we ended up jigging to the River Dance, it was so funny to see everyone joining in, a real laugh!

Last night was Torric’s rez day and we headed off to the Coach and Horses again for his party and later on to the Underground Club, so there has been plenty going on.

It has been a nice SL Christmas with everyone popping in whenever they can to say hello to all their friends, funny being in the UGC and at midnight on Christmas Eve and wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, but of course it was only Christmas for people in the UK time zone, we had to wait again to wish all our friends from abroad Happy Christmas a few hours later! 


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoy your New Year celebrations wherever you are when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve!


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