Getting Dressed for a Night Out!

January 27, 2010

Clothes are quite a thing in SL, some people keep the same clothes on for ages, but others, like me, enjoy all the nice new outfits and changing into something different each day, suppose it’s a habit from real life that you want to put fresh clothes on, daft really, but there you go!!  Always looking around for bargains I got a lovely brown evening dress, very cheaply I might add, and I really liked the style.  Anyways it was a formal dress evening at Bogies Jazz Club in virtual Mayfair so I thought I would take the opportunity to wear it.  I headed over there and called Hibiscus in IM as I went along to see if she would like to join me.

Hib appeared in a lovely red satin cocktail dress and looked great.

There were quite a few other ladies in nice gowns and some men in tux’s too and we stayed a little while enjoying the music and dancing.  After a little while we decided to go over to the Underground Club as friend Ed Follet was already over there and said there was an ‘under the sea’ theme with people dressed as mermaids and divers.   Being lazy I kept the same dress on and told everyone I was a piece of seaweed, I thought the colour was a good match much to everyone’s amusement!

There were some beautiful costumes there, mermaids and mermen, scuba divers and even a nasty looking shark, so it was very colourful.  I tried to get more pictures, but kept crashing, so gave up in the end.  It was late and I was about to log off, when I got a call from good friend Monet Fitzgerald, she asked me to come over to a party on board her yacht and I told her I could come, but only for a short time as it was very late.  I teleported over and could see that I was a little bit overdressed as it was a beachwear party.

Fortunately there were some people with daywear on, Monet included so I enjoyed a dance and a chat with them all. 

It was a lovely evening and my cheap evening gown got good use, it’s a shame that time zones get in the way, otherwise I would be up all night meeting up with friends from all over the world and having a good time, but even bloggers have to sleep sometime, so I said my goodbyes and headed off for bed in real life!


Guns ‘n Roses Tribute Gig and Brie and Seany’s Lovely Story

January 22, 2010

I’d had some nice writing projects lately, there have been a few tribute gigs in Virtual London which were fun, the last one being Guns ‘n Roses.  They are very popular and the sims get packed out with more people trying to get in all the time, it’s a shame that the sims can’t hold more avatars.  The only bad thing is, because I like to take lots of pictures to choose the best ones, I tend to crash all the time, so it can be annoying, but at least I can rez back into the same location.  To make matters worse at the last concert I had someone telling me to removed my weapon, an over zealous greeter who was making a fuss about my paperknife that is never drawn, when I looked over, I was astounded to see she had a pair of boots on with vicious spikes sticking out all over them that would tear you to shreds with one kick!  Anyways we straightened things out and I got my pictures and enjoyed the gig.

One of the nicest, and I can say in all honesty, the most touching stories I have written in all my time reporting virtual tales, was the story this week about Brie and Seany, two wonderful people and very good friends of mine, who announced that they are getting married in real life.  I went over to see them and took lots of photos at their home and I think so many of us are pleased that these two are tying the knot!  They are meant to be together and it was an honour for me to interview them, you can see the article on Virtually London (lite).

I went off exploring with Drax this week too, but SL seemed to be playing me up big time, every location we teleported over to seemed to rez really slowly and then when I could see my surroundings I couldn’t see the other av’s unless I stood there a good five minutes or more, also changing clothes seems to be a bit muddled again, not even the attachment bits like skirts, but ordinary stuff like shirts and jeans don’t seem to want to change, although my inventory said I was wearing them.  I had to log off and on again to put a jacket on, how strange!

I’ve been down the Underground club quite a bit this week, and they had a best in sunglasses contest the last time I went.  SL was still playing up as Seany could not make it in to dj, but lovely TXBarbara Bailey took over and kept us dancing to the music radio stations, although there were only a few of us there it was a fun night.

Murray Info Hub

January 18, 2010

If you want to have your say on the Murray Info Hub plans, please see the article at and place your comments there.

Policewoman Fun and Exploring Reve de Sable

January 14, 2010

Friend Ed Follet had told me that there was going to be a fancy dress evening at the Underground Club, you had to wear a career uniform.  I had been out shopping at Pixel Dolls again and got a bit carried away with their lovely dresses and low prices so I didn’t really want to splash out on something for the club.   Then I remembered that I had a great policewoman outfit in my inventory that Gerr Finesmith had made.  It is just like a London police officer would wear so I put it on and went over to the UGC.  I enjoyed the atmosphere in the club as people laughed and joked and I planned an article about the uniforms for Virtually London (lite) which I published yesterday.  Ed turned up in a prison outfit, obviously a career criminal and then Drax dropped by as, well, Drax, not having known anything about the fancy dress, but he looked good anyway!  I had forgotten about the CNN meeting until I saw Nicole the CNN Producer log on, then she called people over using the SL ireporter group conference chat. 

Drax, Ed and I went over to the CNN island to the meeting area, leaving the fun going on at the UGC.

Although Nicole was there, the chat carried on in group conference and it was quite hard to follow what was going on.  It seemed that there are some people who want to get heard in respect of politics, one man voiced his opinion on what he considered extreme parties and asked if we were going to write about it, he suggested that he would if no one else did, and I can’t wait to see if he does.  I just wonder if we will get more of this as we head towards the elections in a few weeks time.  Drax got into a debate with another ireporter at the meeting place about American politics and it was interesting listening to the discussion.  After all that I decided to go off exploring the next day and went to a sim called Reve de Sable.  It said something about a romantic place and when I got there I was almost blinded by the bright array of colours.

It was an odd place to land into, as I couldn’t really see any paths leading off that I could follow so I decided to fly and then it all became clear to me.

It was as if someone had pulled clumps of land out and placed them in the sky, lots of little islands all with places that couples could go to for their own private space with dance balls and seating set up for them.

There was a nice large ballroom floating there to, where couples could go, there were comfy sofas and couches around the edge.  I spotted a little music box hovering near me with a piano inside which was really cute.  I eventually found somewhere comfortable to sit and listen to the music, so it was nice.  One part of it I didn’t understand though,  on the main bit of land there was an area with falling rocks.  Maybe if you are feeling lonely and get too depressed you can sit under those to take your mind off of your solitude!!

Truthball Cafe Fun And Getting Around The Grid

January 7, 2010

I was talking to Hibiscus the other night and as she likes trivia quizes I asked her if she had been to the Truthball Cafe.  She said she hadn’t so we went over for some fun.  It’s a cosy cafe with a glass orb in the middle of the coffee table, instead of being general knowledge though, you click on the orb and it asks you personal questions which you are supposed to answer truthfully.  We were joined by a couple of stangers who sat down to play the truthball with us and it proved to be quite a fun evening, I suppose it is a good icebreaker for someone on their own who wants to get chatting to other people.

I think Hib enjoyed it and we will probably go back at some time.  Later on I met Drax and was telling him about a Jazz club in showcase, we went over to have a dance and catch up on lots of gossip, so it was a really nice evening.

I took all the Christmas Decs down from our little shop in virtual Kensington and Hib and I pondered over the new year, we decided that it may be a nice idea to sell pictures in the shop as well as having it as an office, so that is what we intend to do.  I want to shoot a selection of SL photos ranging from scenery right through to slightly exotic portraits, so I will be on the prowl with my camera, (as if I’m not already, lol).  Hib and I joined Ed in another sim that he had found with a very odd feature, there were large slabs of concrete laying around and the idea was to build a staircase.  You jumped on one slab and another appeared in front of you and you had to climb onto the next one to get the following stair, if you missed your footing the whole lot came tumbling down with you on it!!  Of course, Ed being very patient, reached the top, as after a few goes Hib and I had given up and stood nattering.

Back in the Kensington Office/shop last night,  friend Amourette came over to take a picture of Hib, Ed and me and she told us that she has started a blog too, so good luck Am, we are looking forward to reading it!!

I had brilliant news a couple of days ago too, I heard from fellow writer Pixi, who has been away from SL for some time because she has not been well.  I had been really worried about her so it was a big relief to get her message.  She does hope to join us again as soon as she can, and her place is still in the Trilogy Group with us and always will be.

New Year In SL

January 2, 2010

Christmas seemed like a thing of the past as New Year celebrations began in SL, some parts of virtual London had even taken the decorations down (haven’t they heard of twelve night?) and some of the sparkle too had gone!  As people go out in real life on New Year’s Eve  it was a time to meet my friends when I could and Hibiscus wasn’t around much later that night, so we went out early in the evening to have a chat.  We decided to go to Phat Cat’s to listen to the music and sit and watch the dancers, which we love to do, we watch the people touring the dance floor trying to pick a partner and it is funny to see who ends up with each other and if they stay together.  Suppose it’s just people watching, but one of my favourite things to do.

We had a good old chat and then Hib had to go.  I headed back to virtual London and to the Underground Club, Ed came along and people were arriving all the time and soon the club was packed out.  I tried to take photos but crashed time and time again and only just made it back to see the New Year in.

As the clock struck twelve I hurried over to virtual Mayfair to get some shots of the fireworks, CNN had wanted us to do stories on New Year parties and had sent an email round asking for them, so I wanted to get it on quickly the same night.  It was a great display and Ruskin and Captive where among the people watching so it was nice to catch up with them again.

I logged off quite soon after the New Year celebrations to get my story on CNN, but Ed emailed me and told me I had missed one great announcement.  Good friends Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker told everyone that they are getting married in real life!  Wonderful news from two wonderful people and a lovely start to the New Year!  Congratulations to Brie and Seany they are meant to be together and I wish them every happiness for the future!!