New Year In SL

Christmas seemed like a thing of the past as New Year celebrations began in SL, some parts of virtual London had even taken the decorations down (haven’t they heard of twelve night?) and some of the sparkle too had gone!  As people go out in real life on New Year’s Eve  it was a time to meet my friends when I could and Hibiscus wasn’t around much later that night, so we went out early in the evening to have a chat.  We decided to go to Phat Cat’s to listen to the music and sit and watch the dancers, which we love to do, we watch the people touring the dance floor trying to pick a partner and it is funny to see who ends up with each other and if they stay together.  Suppose it’s just people watching, but one of my favourite things to do.

We had a good old chat and then Hib had to go.  I headed back to virtual London and to the Underground Club, Ed came along and people were arriving all the time and soon the club was packed out.  I tried to take photos but crashed time and time again and only just made it back to see the New Year in.

As the clock struck twelve I hurried over to virtual Mayfair to get some shots of the fireworks, CNN had wanted us to do stories on New Year parties and had sent an email round asking for them, so I wanted to get it on quickly the same night.  It was a great display and Ruskin and Captive where among the people watching so it was nice to catch up with them again.

I logged off quite soon after the New Year celebrations to get my story on CNN, but Ed emailed me and told me I had missed one great announcement.  Good friends Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker told everyone that they are getting married in real life!  Wonderful news from two wonderful people and a lovely start to the New Year!  Congratulations to Brie and Seany they are meant to be together and I wish them every happiness for the future!!



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