Truthball Cafe Fun And Getting Around The Grid

I was talking to Hibiscus the other night and as she likes trivia quizes I asked her if she had been to the Truthball Cafe.  She said she hadn’t so we went over for some fun.  It’s a cosy cafe with a glass orb in the middle of the coffee table, instead of being general knowledge though, you click on the orb and it asks you personal questions which you are supposed to answer truthfully.  We were joined by a couple of stangers who sat down to play the truthball with us and it proved to be quite a fun evening, I suppose it is a good icebreaker for someone on their own who wants to get chatting to other people.

I think Hib enjoyed it and we will probably go back at some time.  Later on I met Drax and was telling him about a Jazz club in showcase, we went over to have a dance and catch up on lots of gossip, so it was a really nice evening.

I took all the Christmas Decs down from our little shop in virtual Kensington and Hib and I pondered over the new year, we decided that it may be a nice idea to sell pictures in the shop as well as having it as an office, so that is what we intend to do.  I want to shoot a selection of SL photos ranging from scenery right through to slightly exotic portraits, so I will be on the prowl with my camera, (as if I’m not already, lol).  Hib and I joined Ed in another sim that he had found with a very odd feature, there were large slabs of concrete laying around and the idea was to build a staircase.  You jumped on one slab and another appeared in front of you and you had to climb onto the next one to get the following stair, if you missed your footing the whole lot came tumbling down with you on it!!  Of course, Ed being very patient, reached the top, as after a few goes Hib and I had given up and stood nattering.

Back in the Kensington Office/shop last night,  friend Amourette came over to take a picture of Hib, Ed and me and she told us that she has started a blog too, so good luck Am, we are looking forward to reading it!!

I had brilliant news a couple of days ago too, I heard from fellow writer Pixi, who has been away from SL for some time because she has not been well.  I had been really worried about her so it was a big relief to get her message.  She does hope to join us again as soon as she can, and her place is still in the Trilogy Group with us and always will be.


4 Responses to Truthball Cafe Fun And Getting Around The Grid

  1. Drax Ember says:

    The Truthball Cafe is loads of fun! I hope more people try it!!

  2. Hi Drax,

    It is loads of fun, I think a Truthball Cafe in virtual London would be a hot favourite!!

    Janey x

  3. hibiscushastings says:

    I am so glad that you heard from pixi. Pixi, we think about you all the time.
    The Truthball Cafe was a lot of fun and I think it would be a great idea to have on in Virtual London.

  4. Hi Hib,

    It was wonderful to get an email from Pixi, the best Christmas present ever, and I hope she can join us soon!

    I could just see one of those Truthballs in the cafe next to the UGC, it would be a real laugh!

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