Policewoman Fun and Exploring Reve de Sable

Friend Ed Follet had told me that there was going to be a fancy dress evening at the Underground Club, you had to wear a career uniform.  I had been out shopping at Pixel Dolls again and got a bit carried away with their lovely dresses and low prices so I didn’t really want to splash out on something for the club.   Then I remembered that I had a great policewoman outfit in my inventory that Gerr Finesmith had made.  It is just like a London police officer would wear so I put it on and went over to the UGC.  I enjoyed the atmosphere in the club as people laughed and joked and I planned an article about the uniforms for Virtually London (lite) which I published yesterday.  Ed turned up in a prison outfit, obviously a career criminal and then Drax dropped by as, well, Drax, not having known anything about the fancy dress, but he looked good anyway!  I had forgotten about the CNN meeting until I saw Nicole the CNN Producer log on, then she called people over using the SL ireporter group conference chat. 

Drax, Ed and I went over to the CNN island to the meeting area, leaving the fun going on at the UGC.

Although Nicole was there, the chat carried on in group conference and it was quite hard to follow what was going on.  It seemed that there are some people who want to get heard in respect of politics, one man voiced his opinion on what he considered extreme parties and asked if we were going to write about it, he suggested that he would if no one else did, and I can’t wait to see if he does.  I just wonder if we will get more of this as we head towards the elections in a few weeks time.  Drax got into a debate with another ireporter at the meeting place about American politics and it was interesting listening to the discussion.  After all that I decided to go off exploring the next day and went to a sim called Reve de Sable.  It said something about a romantic place and when I got there I was almost blinded by the bright array of colours.

It was an odd place to land into, as I couldn’t really see any paths leading off that I could follow so I decided to fly and then it all became clear to me.

It was as if someone had pulled clumps of land out and placed them in the sky, lots of little islands all with places that couples could go to for their own private space with dance balls and seating set up for them.

There was a nice large ballroom floating there to, where couples could go, there were comfy sofas and couches around the edge.  I spotted a little music box hovering near me with a piano inside which was really cute.  I eventually found somewhere comfortable to sit and listen to the music, so it was nice.  One part of it I didn’t understand though,  on the main bit of land there was an area with falling rocks.  Maybe if you are feeling lonely and get too depressed you can sit under those to take your mind off of your solitude!!


6 Responses to Policewoman Fun and Exploring Reve de Sable

  1. joshua morane says:

    thanks for visiting Rêve de Sable !

    Life of a small piece of rock, moving, upper…upper…upper…to become a little island…or nothing…so maybe it’s not falling, but moving up ?

    Thanks again ^^

  2. Hello Joshua, many thanks for reading the blog. I thought Rêve de Sable was enchanting and very romantic. I see what you are saying about the rocks, I didn’t think of it as that way around, but it makes sense! It’s a truly unique sim and such a lovely idea and I’ll definately recommend it to my friends.

    Janey :))

  3. joshua morane says:

    thanks to you for sharing this place, see you there :p

  4. Hibiscus Hastings says:

    It looks very interesting, I’ll have to go check it out. Thanks for posting this. Sorry I missed the party and the CNN meeting (or at least the party, lol).

  5. Hi Hib, Sorry you missed the party too, hope they have another one soon!!

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