Murray Info Hub

If you want to have your say on the Murray Info Hub plans, please see the article at and place your comments there.


2 Responses to Murray Info Hub

  1. Hi J – I’m not so keen on the Tiki-look, but I think the rennovatiosn will be good for murray – more new blood for a start and it shows the Lindens are finally remembering all their old lands and starting to attend to some much needed DIY. Let’s hope they fix the games in Rizal north of Murray – we could have tyre-boat races and fights in the waters off Murray then 🙂

  2. Hi Head,

    I suppose it depends very much on what it does look like once the buildings are there. I can see why the people who go there regularly are upset though, they didn’t want it changed because they liked it just the way it was. I don’t often visit now, but hope the Lindens do a good job with it, I suppose all these sims are expensive to run so they have to make the best of their own land. Fixing the games in Rizal sounds like a good idea too!

    Janey :))

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