Guns ‘n Roses Tribute Gig and Brie and Seany’s Lovely Story

I’d had some nice writing projects lately, there have been a few tribute gigs in Virtual London which were fun, the last one being Guns ‘n Roses.  They are very popular and the sims get packed out with more people trying to get in all the time, it’s a shame that the sims can’t hold more avatars.  The only bad thing is, because I like to take lots of pictures to choose the best ones, I tend to crash all the time, so it can be annoying, but at least I can rez back into the same location.  To make matters worse at the last concert I had someone telling me to removed my weapon, an over zealous greeter who was making a fuss about my paperknife that is never drawn, when I looked over, I was astounded to see she had a pair of boots on with vicious spikes sticking out all over them that would tear you to shreds with one kick!  Anyways we straightened things out and I got my pictures and enjoyed the gig.

One of the nicest, and I can say in all honesty, the most touching stories I have written in all my time reporting virtual tales, was the story this week about Brie and Seany, two wonderful people and very good friends of mine, who announced that they are getting married in real life.  I went over to see them and took lots of photos at their home and I think so many of us are pleased that these two are tying the knot!  They are meant to be together and it was an honour for me to interview them, you can see the article on Virtually London (lite).

I went off exploring with Drax this week too, but SL seemed to be playing me up big time, every location we teleported over to seemed to rez really slowly and then when I could see my surroundings I couldn’t see the other av’s unless I stood there a good five minutes or more, also changing clothes seems to be a bit muddled again, not even the attachment bits like skirts, but ordinary stuff like shirts and jeans don’t seem to want to change, although my inventory said I was wearing them.  I had to log off and on again to put a jacket on, how strange!

I’ve been down the Underground club quite a bit this week, and they had a best in sunglasses contest the last time I went.  SL was still playing up as Seany could not make it in to dj, but lovely TXBarbara Bailey took over and kept us dancing to the music radio stations, although there were only a few of us there it was a fun night.


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