Getting Dressed for a Night Out!

Clothes are quite a thing in SL, some people keep the same clothes on for ages, but others, like me, enjoy all the nice new outfits and changing into something different each day, suppose it’s a habit from real life that you want to put fresh clothes on, daft really, but there you go!!  Always looking around for bargains I got a lovely brown evening dress, very cheaply I might add, and I really liked the style.  Anyways it was a formal dress evening at Bogies Jazz Club in virtual Mayfair so I thought I would take the opportunity to wear it.  I headed over there and called Hibiscus in IM as I went along to see if she would like to join me.

Hib appeared in a lovely red satin cocktail dress and looked great.

There were quite a few other ladies in nice gowns and some men in tux’s too and we stayed a little while enjoying the music and dancing.  After a little while we decided to go over to the Underground Club as friend Ed Follet was already over there and said there was an ‘under the sea’ theme with people dressed as mermaids and divers.   Being lazy I kept the same dress on and told everyone I was a piece of seaweed, I thought the colour was a good match much to everyone’s amusement!

There were some beautiful costumes there, mermaids and mermen, scuba divers and even a nasty looking shark, so it was very colourful.  I tried to get more pictures, but kept crashing, so gave up in the end.  It was late and I was about to log off, when I got a call from good friend Monet Fitzgerald, she asked me to come over to a party on board her yacht and I told her I could come, but only for a short time as it was very late.  I teleported over and could see that I was a little bit overdressed as it was a beachwear party.

Fortunately there were some people with daywear on, Monet included so I enjoyed a dance and a chat with them all. 

It was a lovely evening and my cheap evening gown got good use, it’s a shame that time zones get in the way, otherwise I would be up all night meeting up with friends from all over the world and having a good time, but even bloggers have to sleep sometime, so I said my goodbyes and headed off for bed in real life!


3 Responses to Getting Dressed for a Night Out!

  1. hibiscushastings says:

    Janey, that is a beautiful dress, you looked lovely. And what a gorgeous yacht Monet has! Beautiful.
    Time zones are such a pain, I feel bad sometimes because I know that friends are missing out on things they would love to go to but can’t because of timing.

  2. Hi Hib, thanks, I thought it was a very nice dress for only a few Lindens. You are the best shopper I know and you always look terrific without spending through the roof, it can be done and it’s fun! The time zone thing is a nuisance, I suppose we must all miss things going on 24 hours around the clock and like you say, some of our friends miss out on things we get up to. I really don’t know what the answer to this one is!!

  3. hibiscushastings says:

    There is no answer to the time zone problem, we can only acknowledge that it exists and accept it. Nothing’s perfect and I know my life is much richer knowing my friends from around the world, this is just the price you have to pay.

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