6 Responses to Brie and Seany’s Story Hit’s Front Page Of CNN

  1. Brilliant news Janey! Well done! Lovely tale 🙂

  2. Hi Head,

    Thank you, I’m honoured to be able to tell Brie and Seany’s story, they are the best!

    Janey :))

  3. hibiscushastings says:

    Wonderful story Janey, congratulations.

  4. Drax Ember says:

    I’m not surprised that this has skyrocketed with hits! When you combine a great storyline with the skills of a fantastic writer – voila! Instant success!!

    – Drax

  5. Thank you Drax, what a lovely thing to say!! hope you’re not being biased though, lol!!

  6. Drax Ember says:

    Just because I’m biased doesn’t mean it’s not true!!


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