Truthball Fun In Our Shop

We are always talking about stuff to do in our little shop in virtual Kensington.  Hibiscus and I had planned to sell some artwork there, I started to do some photos and then got too busy to finish them (but I might carry on later, it’s a shame to give up on an idea!).  Anyway looking for other ideas, we had fun playing Truthball at the Truthball Cafe and decided to install a Truthball in the shop so people could stop by and play the game if they wanted to.  It’s great fun, you can play with two people or a crowd, you click on the Truthball and it reads out a question, which can be personal or not so personal, depending on what list of questions you pick, and you are supposed to answer truthfully!!  It’s a laugh and in a group  it’s an icebreaker as it keeps the conversation flowing, it’s also fun with just two players, you can answer in chat or IM, so you can talk to each other like never before!

Hib, Ed and I had a go at the Truthball and then decided to go over to the Underground Club to see who was there.  It turned out to be quite a crowd with all the regulars having a good time.  The theme was ‘best in green’ to win lots of money, Ed fished out a green hat from his inventory and I couldn’t find anything, so I had a cup of green tea instead, not sure if Hib had anything green, I think she was just enjoying the dancing.

Take a trip over to our shop and play the Truthball if you dare!!  Don’t forget, you can leave us a few Lindens in the tip jar for the news blogs if you like the game!


4 Responses to Truthball Fun In Our Shop

  1. Hey! I didn’t know you had a shop! How cool is that! Well done guys!

  2. Drax Ember says:

    I wish I had known about the do at the UGC – could have worn my special green tie!!!

  3. Hi Head,

    Thanks, it’s nice to have somewhere to meet up and have a chat :))

  4. Hi Drax,

    You would have won the contest easily with that tie !!

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