Avatar The Movie is Fun Role-Play

At the last CNN meeting, the producers had mentioned that they were interested in anything to do with the movie Avatar in SL, so I set off to have a look.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but had seen people dressed in the blue skins and stuff in SL, so I thought there must be something going on.  I ended up finding a sim called Pandora and went over for a look around.  I was relieved to see that I didn’t have to wear one of the character skins or role play, but could go in as a visitor, which I did.  There were people arriving all the time, so I guess it is very popular and both Hibiscus and Drax have seen the film and told me it was good. I looked around the vendor bit before going down to the forest were some people were already acting out a scene.   I got challenged by a girl who hadn’t seen my visitor tag, quite handy really, as I hadn’t wanted to disturb the others in their role-play, so I got chatting to BobCat and she let me take her picture which was nice of her.  It was her first day in Pandora and she seemed to fit right in. 

I tried to keep out of the way as a battle started and still managed to get shot, which I included in my article, it made me laugh at the time, as the people were so immersed in their roles.  It is a great sim and I went back with Drax to show him, as he could relate to it having seen the film.   I had another nice surprise at the CNN meeting as Nicole the producer said that they had put a link to my story on their Entertainments page, so it got quite a lot of hits, although not as many as Brie and Seany’s story, which is still my favourite.  But a big thanks to CNN again this week for giving me a link to their main site.


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