What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

What do you do when your are bored in SL, go round and irritate your mates, that’s what.  I saw Hibiscus and Ed on-line and for some reason they have taken up fishing, a very nice thing to do I suppose, they are both getting expert anglers and they have lots of pretty fishes.  I got to where they were fishing when Ed had just caught a cute little starfish and Hib had some sort of goldy coloured fish with long floaty fins. 

They seemed perfectly content and I sat on a bench over the other side sorting through my inventory.

I found some boats and things and got out a rubber tyre to have a float around the pond in, but the ducks kept getting in the way and SL ducks are quite vicious when they have their ducklings with them.

Anyway I wasn’t being annoying enough because the other two carried on fishing, so I found some ships that I didn’t even remember I had, one was a great big tanker thing, goodness knows where I got that.

I found a yacht made by friend Monet and Ed had the cheek to climb  on board and carry on fishing, hummm, well couldn’t have that could I, so I put it away again in case Hibs got ideas.

Eventually I found a skijet that Monet had made, what a brilliant inventor she is, and took to the water in that, round and round I went churning up the pond and came to a stop near the frustrated anglers.

I asked if they wanted a go and bravely Ed jumped on the back and off we sped.  I think I spent more time bouncing off the riverbank than I did in the water, but it was a real laugh.  I landed back near Hib and poor Ed, who was looking a little pale climbed off.

Hib said she had to log soon, but agreed to take a spin before she went.  She was very quiet as I lurched into gear and hit the water at speed, clinging on for dear life, she closed her eyes and hoped for the best.  Once again the riverbanks seemed to get in the way as I overshot the water, but we made it back in one piece and Hib, looking a little bit green, said goodbye and logged off.  I wonder if they will let me know when they are going fishing again?


4 Responses to What Do You Do When You Are Bored?

  1. hibiscushastings says:

    I’ve given up fishing.

  2. Ok, I promise to stay away!!

  3. Drax Ember says:

    How funny!!! Am surprised Hibs is quitting though – I thought that she would be “hooked” on the sport!


  4. I know it “shoals” how easily people can be put off of something. I thought she was having a “whale” of a time too!!

    J x

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