Valentine’s Day Fun

It has been an extra busy time in SL, especially with Valentine’s day a few days ago.  I read that the Lindens would be holding another one of their events where they would invite us ordinary avatars to go over and meet them, and they would give out kisses for free.  Being extra smart this year, I decided to go over to the two heart shaped SL Islands early, and I was very fortunate that not many people had arrived.  I met a nice bunch of Lindens, Jillian, Mia, Blondin, Gary, Niko, Gail and Quixote.  I told them I was on the scavenge for a story for CNN and I asked a couple of them if it would be ok to get a picture as I kissed them.  Blondin was very nice and took a picture and gave it to me.  He said that he often reads the SL reports on CNN, so that was great.  Being a bit cheeky I asked Gail and Quixote if they had a bear I could have, Gail gave me her cute bear and Quixote promised to put me on the list as he had not made his yet.  He had a great outfit on, medieval armour and I said I wanted the bear to have armour too, I wonder if it will have.

We had the Valentine’s Ball at the Underground Club that night.  I bought a dress for just a 100 Lindens, which was a special, so I put that  on and headed over there.  It was a red dress and I sort of didn’t link the two, Valentine’s Day and the colour red, but of course it was the most popular colour there.  Hib had a beautiful bright red dress on and she looked breathtaking, as did Amourette.  So I matched the event without really meaning too.  Ed and Drax came along and we all had a great time listening to dj Janis as Brie hosted the event. Drax had put his special red tie on, so he looked very smart.


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