White Masquerade Ball and Hibiscus the Greeter

I got an invitation from friend Cher Demonge the other day and he invited me to a Masquerade Ball for the opening of his gallery the Cube, which has been moved to a new location.  The theme of the Ball was to wear white and obviously a mask as well.  I have a couple of white dresses and tried a beautiful one on from Evie’s Closet, but this had a very full skirt, so I decided on one of my favourite dresses with a slim skirt.  Hibiscus came over to the shop where I was and she too decided on a lovely gown she had with a slim fitting.  We had similar masks and we were looking forwards to the party as we got ready, watched by Max the kitten.

The party was well under way when we got there and it looked like a really swish ‘do’ with the people in their white costumes.  Cher danced with a teapot on his head and what looked like a white wolf skin hanging from one shoulder, he was definitely enjoying his night, as were all his guests.  The gallery looks like a great place to visit in its new setting, I hope he does well.

Yesterday when I logged on, Hibiscus was already in SL and when I spoke to her she said she was in Victoriana carrying out her new role as a Greeter,  She was meeting new people and anyone who wanted help as they arrived in the Victorian sim.  I decided to go over and have a look and Hib was speaking fluent French to a new lady, how lovely to be able to do that, she will be a big benefit to the sim.  The new lady had donned one of the Victorian dresses that Hib had shown her.  It was a free gift and looked good.  I decided I had better put a long coat on as I had arrived in a modern skirt, so I quickly got the coat out of my inventory.  The little lady who Hib had been helping suddenly decided she would try the horse out that she must have just found, and off she tried to gallop.  SL wasn’t about to give her an easy ride though, and I suspect she had an animation override on that interfered with the horse, so she sank into the ground.    Not to be put off though, she abandoned the horse and spent the rest of the time dancing in the street.  I think Hib had done a good job as the lady happily went on her way.


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