Exploring a Medieval Sim and First in Virtual London With New SL Technology

Drax and I went off exploring again the other night, we wanted to find a nice role-playing medieval sim, I just love the clothes and the times, its proper fantasy stuff that could never be recreated in real life.  We travelled to Renaissance Island and it looked really great, we were made very welcome by the people in the sim who handed us a glass of ale each to keep us going. 

We had quite a chat with the locals and said we would like to come back.  We said our goodbyes and went off to look around.  They have the Globe Theatre there and some beautiful houses to rent.  Drax went quickly ahead, I have no idea why my av is so slow, but he often marches off with me in hot pursuit!  We looked in a few of the houses and ended up in a lovely manor house.  I am looking forward to going back and getting to know everyone there, also to test out my role-playing skills, which are really rusty!

A few days ago Ed told me about the new Second Life Beta viewer 2 and he was trying it out.  I downloaded it as well, and it is completely different in respect of the interface compared to the normal versions.  Ed is very clever with all the technical side of things and he told me that you could actually view web pages in this new version in-world.  Last night we were talking about it again and thought it would be a good idea to put the prim web page viewer in our shop in virtual Kensington, so people could come in and look at the ‘up to date’ Virtually London (lite) blog.  The race was on as we didn’t think anyone else in Virtual London had got as far as installing one like it.  Ed had shown me a video of Torly Linden explaining how to transfer the web information onto the prim which would be used as the screen, so I set to and made one.  Now if someone is running the Beta SL viewer they can look at our London blog in the shop.  Ed says he thinks we beat everyone else in Virtual London by getting it up and running, I wonder if we have!!  I also wrote a CNN article on it last night, as I think Nicole and Henry could make good use of this at their meetings, plus they could leave a link to their CNN.com on the Island all the time.  This is exciting technology from the Lindens and I think the viewer has some nice enhancements.  Only thing I couldn’t find was where to upload textures, but maybe because this is a Beta it’s not working yet.


2 Responses to Exploring a Medieval Sim and First in Virtual London With New SL Technology

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Good job! Leave it to you to be the first to use new technology in a positive way in SL ! Always thinking forward and leading the pack! Bravo !!

  2. Awww thank you Drax, wish it were true, but I muddle my way through, you are the one with the brains!!

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