3rd Rez Day

March 29, 2010

I can’t believe it is my third Rez Day today, three years since I came into SL and I was afraid to talk to anyone in case I was doing it all wrong, never having played computer games, it was all a bit worrying.  But looking back over the three years I’ve met so many lovely people and made so many friends that I’d recommend it to anyone!! Happy Rez Day to me!!!


Wedding Vows For a Wonderful Couple

March 28, 2010

It was a special day for me yesterday, two of my best friends Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker were to renew their wedding vows in SL and also celebrate the fact that they are to marry in real life.  I won’t go into things too much here as I will be writing further on what a great day it was  in Virtually London (lite) and other publications.  Hibiscus and I went over to watch the ceremony and it was a lovely event, Brie looked stunning in her elegant white dress and Seany looked so handsome in his tux.  I was taking photos all through the evening and hope that I got some good ones for the bride and groom to keep. 

Pink, Gen,Cute and Barb looked gorgeous in their bridesmaids dresses and I was honoured when Brie asked me to join her for a photograph too.

Joined by Ed and Drax at the reception afterwards, we had a brilliant time, Brie had hired a tribute Cure band especially for Seany as it is his favourite rock band. 

Many congratulations Brie and Seany, you are a truly wonderful couple!

Happy Rez Day Eliza – And Chat with Mayor of Victoriana

March 26, 2010

A very happy Rez Day for yesterday to the lovely dizzy and sweet Eliza Janus!  Eliza was celebrating her third Rez Day and she called all her friends over for a photo shoot.

Eliza had all the poses ready and we shuffled about trying to get into position, I think I picked a bit of a severe looking pose but thought it best to stay there once I was sorted, lovely Eliza was carried in the arms of Jason  and  Alphonso  and looked very elegant with a feast of goodies on her head, including what looked like her Rez Day cake! Poor Damanios ended up with a noose around his neck and I’ve no idea why!

I hope you had a wonderful day Eliza and I hope you will celebrate  lots and lots more SL Rez Days in the future, you are a star!!

I travelled back over, to the shortly to be closed, Victoriana last night and bumped into the Mayor who owns the sim and had a chat with him.  He is such a gentleman and kindly spoke to me for a few minutes.  There is so much sadness surrounding the closure of this top showcase sim that I decided to write another article late last night for CNN, I hope the Mayor doesn’t mind.  http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-424887   The picture below is me and Hibiscus having a great time in Tinytoriana, part of the Mayor’s sim, a few days ago before we heard it was to close.

Come On Lindens Don’t Let This Happen

March 24, 2010

I heard yesterday that the fantastic Victoriana sim is to close because the owner could not get the technical support he needed when his whole 12 sim site became unworkable as his permissions had been altered to non-modify on all his prims after Linden Labs carried out maintenance on the server. See more details about the closure in my article at http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-424253. It would be nice to think that Linden Labs may contact owner LittleBlackDuck Lindsay to try to resolve this, and maybe reverse the decision to close one of the most loved places in SL.

Dashing Around On St Patrick’s Day and Tiny Janey

March 21, 2010

It was St Patrick’s Day a few days ago and as ever, there was a lot of celebrating going on.  I’d gone out to a couple of sims before the big day as well as on St Patrick’s Day to pick up a couple of stories for CNN.  I went back to Virtual London for the celebrations that evening though, as I wanted to put something in Virtually London (lite) as well,  it’s all go isn’t it!! 

I met Hibiscus and later Ed joined us too.   I talked to Hib and we decided to go around London covering each section as they were all putting on stuff at the same time.  It’s not really a very good idea as lots of people go out anyway in real life on St Patrick’s Day, so the sims weren’t that packed with people.  They could have easily had one big event so that Hib and I could enjoy it too, but I’ve mentioned this before and it’s always the same.  However, all the venues were  good and we stayed as long as we could in each one taking photos etc.  We ended up back at the Underground Club and had a good time there with a couple of River dance jigs and lots of laughter thanks to Brie Janick who was dj’ing.

Hibiscus has just started to have a second life as a tiny avatar, a sweet little bunny rabbit.  She lives in the Victoriana sims and they have added a sim just for tinies, so I decided to go and have a look at the tiny avs myself.  I ended up buying a cute red panda and then went hunting for a dress to wear, which I finally got in one of the many clothes shops that cater for tinies.  I met Hib at Victoriana Railway Station and we sent off on our mini adventure.

Hib knows all the good places to go in Tinytoriana and we found a nice tea rooms and sat eating cake and nattering.

After the cake we saw a piano and Hib surprised me, she looked like a naughty bunny as she sprawled out on the top of the piano, I thought she was going to burst into song as she lounged there, as I tried to play a  bit of a tune.

We went back to Virtual London to have a wander around and Hib had to leave for real life.  I went to our shop and Max the Siamese kitten looked a bit menacing due to his size, it was funny being down to his level, he didn’t mind though, he still came over and meowed at me for attention!

I left Max and went over to Hyde Park to see what the newbies thought of a tiny red panda, and I met a mad gunman over there, but you will have to catch up with that in tomorrow’s Virtually London (lite)!!!

Meeting Pathfinder, Thanks to Eliza, and Hunting Stories Down

March 13, 2010

Friend Hibiscus told me about how they had an event in Victoriana where she lives, and it was for tinies, she had got her own tiny avatar and it sounded like fun.  I was out and about exploring again, aways on the hunt for new stories when Hib logged on and I asked her to join me.  There she stood, this cute little Victorian bunny rabbit and it’s a strange thing, with tinies you instantly want to treat them differently, like they are tiny little creatures who are soft and gentle.  Hib seems to be enjoying her tiny role and I even ventured over to the shops to look at some tiny av’s, I might give it a go later on to see how people react to me as a tiny.

I had a message from good friend Eliza Janus this week and she told me that Pathfinder Linden was leaving Linden Labs, Eliza was upset that he was going, although I had not met him I had heard lots of good things about Pathfinder.  Being the vulture virtual reporter I have become, I decided, on the off-chance, to see if Pathfinder would agree to talk to me and I IM’d him.  He was very kind and came back to me and I asked if I could get a couple of photographs for a small tribute article.  He was really nice and said he had a few minutes to spare before a meeting and asked me to teleport him over.  Greeting Pathfinder I took a flurry of photos and ask him if he wanted to say a few words for the article, which he did.  Hibiscus was also in IM with me, and she arrived just as Pathfinder had to leave, which was a shame, Ed too wanted to come over but time was short and Pathfinder had to go, I’m honoured that Pathfinder gave me some of his time.  I enjoyed writing the article and posted it both on CNN and Our Virtual Trilogy

After chatting to Eliza for a while she said she wanted me to meet her SL brother Damanios Thetan, who is a great SL creator and designer, so I went over to see them both.  Eliza looked stunning with her long black hair and beautiful skin, I haven’t seen her for a while, so it was nice to catch up with her.

She introduced me to Damanios and we had a look at his wonderful artworks.  He is really an excellent builder and the design of the building was breathtaking, I’ll go back for another look so I can take my time seeing all of his sculptures.  It was nice of him to show me around and fun seeing Eliza again.

Back to Murray, Greedy Game and Greedy Attitude

March 4, 2010

Friend Brie Janick, who is one of the Virtual London Directors, wanted me to come over with Ed and Hibiscus and see the new pub, The Three Bells in Virtual Knightsbridge.  The pub had been in Knightsbridge before but had been taken down when things were rebuilt and it’s in a slightly different location and looks great with Brie putting all the pieces back together again.  I popped over for a few minutes but Hib and Ed couldn’t teleport in so as we had a CNN meeting coming up shortly I told Brie we would be back after the meeting.  I’d done a couple of CNN stories, one on the new webviewer you can build if you are in the new SL Beta Viewer 2, which I told Nicole the CNN producer about, as I’m sure they can put it to good use in their sim and the other story I did about people having virtual babies.  I was honoured when CNN linked my baby story to their ‘Living’ page and it got lots of hits, I had an idea people might be fascinated with the baby thing in SL, they would either think it was cute or quite weird, which by the comments it was a bit like that.  After the meeting we went back to see Brie, and Seany joined us too.  They asked us to come and sit down at a gaming table in the pub and Brie talked us through how to play a game called ‘Greedy’.  Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, I sat concentrating and think I got the hang of it a bit, but not too sure about the gambling bit, so I will look at the rules and have another go.  Luckily Ed and Hib were in the same boat, but Brie and Seany say it’s a great game and a lot of fun, so it’s worth us learning it properly.

Talking about Greedy, there has been a photo competition in Virtual Knightsbridge in the last few days and Ed drew my attention to the fact that the judging, which was done by the public going in and voting for the best picture, was not entirely being done honestly.  The contest was being run by Brie and I went over and had a look.  The gallery where the photos were displayed was busy all the time with one particular contestant’s friends dropping in to vote and then I was told by someone I know that they had asked him to vote for the picture too when he had gone in to look at who to vote for.  I know friends tend to vote for each other with these things, but this was ridiculous, around 420 votes cast, all sorts of people arriving and going straight to the picture and all for just 5000 Lindens, in real life just pocket-money for most people.  I did have words with the people there, but they didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, quite a greedy attitude to spoil the fun of a little competition where the other poor people’s photos never stood a chance no matter how good they were.

Drax logged on and came over to the gallery to see what was happening, after a bit we decided to head off to Murray as we hadn’t been there for quite a while.  As we arrived I could see friends Treasure Vhargon and Hairy Shamrock standing by the water’s edge, we were then joined by Tah, Gunter and Rubi and a couple of people I didn’t know, one of them a monkey called Nab who was great fun, fooling around.

In spite of all the fears everyone had about Murray being re-built as an Info Hub, the bit of land where we always stood and chatted hasn’t changed that much except for a few tropical trees and ferns, so it seemed ok to me.  A few people arrived and I thought there might be a bit of griefing, but nothing much happened it was just a nice friendly chat as the other people went off to look at a boat in the distance.  It was like old times and I really should go back more often to catch up with everyone, we’ve known each other for a couple of years now.