Meeting Pathfinder, Thanks to Eliza, and Hunting Stories Down

Friend Hibiscus told me about how they had an event in Victoriana where she lives, and it was for tinies, she had got her own tiny avatar and it sounded like fun.  I was out and about exploring again, aways on the hunt for new stories when Hib logged on and I asked her to join me.  There she stood, this cute little Victorian bunny rabbit and it’s a strange thing, with tinies you instantly want to treat them differently, like they are tiny little creatures who are soft and gentle.  Hib seems to be enjoying her tiny role and I even ventured over to the shops to look at some tiny av’s, I might give it a go later on to see how people react to me as a tiny.

I had a message from good friend Eliza Janus this week and she told me that Pathfinder Linden was leaving Linden Labs, Eliza was upset that he was going, although I had not met him I had heard lots of good things about Pathfinder.  Being the vulture virtual reporter I have become, I decided, on the off-chance, to see if Pathfinder would agree to talk to me and I IM’d him.  He was very kind and came back to me and I asked if I could get a couple of photographs for a small tribute article.  He was really nice and said he had a few minutes to spare before a meeting and asked me to teleport him over.  Greeting Pathfinder I took a flurry of photos and ask him if he wanted to say a few words for the article, which he did.  Hibiscus was also in IM with me, and she arrived just as Pathfinder had to leave, which was a shame, Ed too wanted to come over but time was short and Pathfinder had to go, I’m honoured that Pathfinder gave me some of his time.  I enjoyed writing the article and posted it both on CNN and Our Virtual Trilogy

After chatting to Eliza for a while she said she wanted me to meet her SL brother Damanios Thetan, who is a great SL creator and designer, so I went over to see them both.  Eliza looked stunning with her long black hair and beautiful skin, I haven’t seen her for a while, so it was nice to catch up with her.

She introduced me to Damanios and we had a look at his wonderful artworks.  He is really an excellent builder and the design of the building was breathtaking, I’ll go back for another look so I can take my time seeing all of his sculptures.  It was nice of him to show me around and fun seeing Eliza again.


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