Dashing Around On St Patrick’s Day and Tiny Janey

It was St Patrick’s Day a few days ago and as ever, there was a lot of celebrating going on.  I’d gone out to a couple of sims before the big day as well as on St Patrick’s Day to pick up a couple of stories for CNN.  I went back to Virtual London for the celebrations that evening though, as I wanted to put something in Virtually London (lite) as well,  it’s all go isn’t it!! 

I met Hibiscus and later Ed joined us too.   I talked to Hib and we decided to go around London covering each section as they were all putting on stuff at the same time.  It’s not really a very good idea as lots of people go out anyway in real life on St Patrick’s Day, so the sims weren’t that packed with people.  They could have easily had one big event so that Hib and I could enjoy it too, but I’ve mentioned this before and it’s always the same.  However, all the venues were  good and we stayed as long as we could in each one taking photos etc.  We ended up back at the Underground Club and had a good time there with a couple of River dance jigs and lots of laughter thanks to Brie Janick who was dj’ing.

Hibiscus has just started to have a second life as a tiny avatar, a sweet little bunny rabbit.  She lives in the Victoriana sims and they have added a sim just for tinies, so I decided to go and have a look at the tiny avs myself.  I ended up buying a cute red panda and then went hunting for a dress to wear, which I finally got in one of the many clothes shops that cater for tinies.  I met Hib at Victoriana Railway Station and we sent off on our mini adventure.

Hib knows all the good places to go in Tinytoriana and we found a nice tea rooms and sat eating cake and nattering.

After the cake we saw a piano and Hib surprised me, she looked like a naughty bunny as she sprawled out on the top of the piano, I thought she was going to burst into song as she lounged there, as I tried to play a  bit of a tune.

We went back to Virtual London to have a wander around and Hib had to leave for real life.  I went to our shop and Max the Siamese kitten looked a bit menacing due to his size, it was funny being down to his level, he didn’t mind though, he still came over and meowed at me for attention!

I left Max and went over to Hyde Park to see what the newbies thought of a tiny red panda, and I met a mad gunman over there, but you will have to catch up with that in tomorrow’s Virtually London (lite)!!!


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