Come On Lindens Don’t Let This Happen

I heard yesterday that the fantastic Victoriana sim is to close because the owner could not get the technical support he needed when his whole 12 sim site became unworkable as his permissions had been altered to non-modify on all his prims after Linden Labs carried out maintenance on the server. See more details about the closure in my article at It would be nice to think that Linden Labs may contact owner LittleBlackDuck Lindsay to try to resolve this, and maybe reverse the decision to close one of the most loved places in SL.


2 Responses to Come On Lindens Don’t Let This Happen

  1. Aye, bloody shame… the Lab does seem to have a serious customer care problem that drives away the best and the brightest. But just as long as the vast majority of us stay and spend and buy & transact & consume they’ll not care – it’s all about the bottom dollar with them, more so now that M is in charge.

  2. Hi Head,

    Yes it is a shame and I’m sure Linden Labs could still offer some help, it would be a nice gesture on their part as well as showing they aren’t inaccessible to their customers.

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