Happy Rez Day Eliza – And Chat with Mayor of Victoriana

A very happy Rez Day for yesterday to the lovely dizzy and sweet Eliza Janus!  Eliza was celebrating her third Rez Day and she called all her friends over for a photo shoot.

Eliza had all the poses ready and we shuffled about trying to get into position, I think I picked a bit of a severe looking pose but thought it best to stay there once I was sorted, lovely Eliza was carried in the arms of Jason  and  Alphonso  and looked very elegant with a feast of goodies on her head, including what looked like her Rez Day cake! Poor Damanios ended up with a noose around his neck and I’ve no idea why!

I hope you had a wonderful day Eliza and I hope you will celebrate  lots and lots more SL Rez Days in the future, you are a star!!

I travelled back over, to the shortly to be closed, Victoriana last night and bumped into the Mayor who owns the sim and had a chat with him.  He is such a gentleman and kindly spoke to me for a few minutes.  There is so much sadness surrounding the closure of this top showcase sim that I decided to write another article late last night for CNN, I hope the Mayor doesn’t mind.  http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-424887   The picture below is me and Hibiscus having a great time in Tinytoriana, part of the Mayor’s sim, a few days ago before we heard it was to close.


7 Responses to Happy Rez Day Eliza – And Chat with Mayor of Victoriana

  1. Eliza Janus says:

    Dear Janey,

    just saw your article. Still in a shock. Thank you for posting it. It is a lovely and unexpected surprise. I love the snapshots.

    It was actually my Rez Day Cake that was placed on my head. Wonder who did it ? I’m looking at you, Alphonso Pidgeon.


    Eliza Janus.

  2. Happy Rezday Eliza! Sorry I couldn’t make the photo! Great pics, Jx

  3. Happy Rez Day Eliza, you looked lovely even with a cake on your head!!!

  4. Hi Head, I had fun taking the pics of Eliza, shame you couldn’t make it!!

    J x

  5. Eliza Janus says:

    Hello Headburro,

    thank you for your best wishes. I’m sorry that you couldn’t be there too, but it’s good to see you here commenting on Janey’s Blog. She is doing absolutely great work. It’s good to have such a talented friends.

    I hope all is going well for you in both worlds.

    Take care,

    Eliza Janus.

  6. Miss C says:

    Dear Eliza

    It was a Rezz Day to remember and your birthday cake hair was delicious! Many thanks to you for inviting me to be part of your Day, and also to Janey for capturing the photoshoot with great pictures of her own.

    Miss C x

  7. Eliza Janus says:

    Hi Miss C,

    thank you for your loving thoughts. Many thanks for being a part of my life.

    It was wonderful to celebrate this special day with all of you.

    Eliza Janus.

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