Wedding Vows For a Wonderful Couple

It was a special day for me yesterday, two of my best friends Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker were to renew their wedding vows in SL and also celebrate the fact that they are to marry in real life.  I won’t go into things too much here as I will be writing further on what a great day it was  in Virtually London (lite) and other publications.  Hibiscus and I went over to watch the ceremony and it was a lovely event, Brie looked stunning in her elegant white dress and Seany looked so handsome in his tux.  I was taking photos all through the evening and hope that I got some good ones for the bride and groom to keep. 

Pink, Gen,Cute and Barb looked gorgeous in their bridesmaids dresses and I was honoured when Brie asked me to join her for a photograph too.

Joined by Ed and Drax at the reception afterwards, we had a brilliant time, Brie had hired a tribute Cure band especially for Seany as it is his favourite rock band. 

Many congratulations Brie and Seany, you are a truly wonderful couple!


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