3rd Rez Day

I can’t believe it is my third Rez Day today, three years since I came into SL and I was afraid to talk to anyone in case I was doing it all wrong, never having played computer games, it was all a bit worrying.  But looking back over the three years I’ve met so many lovely people and made so many friends that I’d recommend it to anyone!! Happy Rez Day to me!!!


5 Responses to 3rd Rez Day

  1. Eliza Janus says:

    Happy Rez Day, Janey! I wish you lots of love, joy and happiness.

    It’s one of my greatest pleasures to know you.

    Be well,

    Eliza Janus.

  2. Eliza Janus says:

    By the way, you know you are getting old and I’m even older than you !
    Welcome to The Old Farts Club ! It’s great to have you here ! 😉

    Eliza Janus.

  3. hibiscushastings says:

    Happy Rez Day Janey!

  4. Hi Eliza, thank you! and I hope you had a lovely rez day too. Maybe we should be proud to belong to the Old Avatar Farts Club! It’s my pleasure to know you too, hugggsss x

  5. Many thanks Hib!!

    J x

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