Surprise RezDay Party But Tinged With Sadness

My Rez Day had been and gone quietly enough, I’d told Hibiscus that I didn’t want any fuss, any presents or a party, I know they love to do those down at the Underground Club in Knightsbridge, so I thought that was it.  Hib sent me a lovely card though, that she had made herself, she is getting good at making things!  Friend Eliza who had her RezDay a couple of days before me did send me a present, a gorgeous rabbit to cuddle, whose nose actually twitches!  Thank you Eliza, but very naughty of you!!   Of course I didn’t reckon with Ed, he found out after the day and I told him I didn’t do presents, but he wasn’t to be put off and sent me a wonderful painting, thank you Ed!  Last night Ed seemed in a hurry to get to the Underground Club, I wanted to get over there too, as it was my friend Brie Janick’s last night to dj before her and her fiance Seany leave the London sims.  I didn’t want to miss Brie’s last time as dj, it has all been so sad, her job in the London sims, along with Seany’s post have been made untenable because of the politics going on there.  Brie and Seany don’t want to leave London, but left with little choice they are being loyal to the end and finishing their schedules.  Seany will dj on Friday, his final night.  Hibiscus was to join us later as Ed and I headed towards the club and I got the shock of my life when I walked in, Ed and Brie had  arranged a party for me and kept very quiet about it.  It was lovely, everyone wishing me a happy belated rez day and I had a really good night. 

Brie looked great as she dj’d and as usual she gave her bubbly friendly patter between the music, Seany danced just in front of the stage and you could feel the love in the room for them both, people are really upset to lose these two, one guy, and I won’t name him in case he joins the ban list, wore a billboard expressing his thoughts on the way things have been done.

We saw Das Wade and Cleo Charleville there, they hadn’t been in SL for a while, but they came to see Brie and that was lovely, all these people are friends for life and enjoy being part of a community.  I was proud to share my RezDay celebrations with Brie, it was her day really and when she finally broke down in tears near the end, we all wanted to cry with her.  Of course, she won’t see the back of us, as I pointed out to her, she will have a job shaking us lot off!! 


2 Responses to Surprise RezDay Party But Tinged With Sadness

  1. Hi mate – happy rezday!

    What’s happened in London?

  2. Hi Head, thanks!

    Just a shuffle around with management, not sure if you know Brie and Seany who were among the first managers there. Well they have left to start their own club and sim, so it’s new beginnings for them and the last night in the Underground club with them was very emotional for all the regulars. Hopefully both Virtual London and Brie and Seany’s new club will prosper! :))

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