Week of Complete Madness!

There has been so much going on over the last week I’ve found it hard to keep up with things.  I suppose the main bit has been all the ‘goings on’ in the London sims with the re-organisation of staff there.  Brie and Seany left and didn’t waste any time, with amazing speed and organisation, they got together with TXBarb and Cutewillow and found a sim where, with friend Clive Hissop doing the building, they soon had a new club open and lots of shops rented out.  They all have such a wealth of experience that they knew exactly how to go about things and it looks like the club will be a great success.   It has left virtual Knightsbridge looking a little bit dead after the Underground club disappeared and they needed to get it back up and running as quickly as possible because it will be greatly missed there.  It isn’t a nice sight to see just an empty shell and I hope it soon returns to it’s former glory. 

There had been something going on with the rent of our shop in Kensington, for some reason it had increased without our knowing about it, they did say it was an error with the rental system, but maybe it is time for a change so I decided that I would take up Brie’s offer of a new shop on her sim.  I’m looking forward to doing it all up, we are still in Kensington too for a couple of weeks till the rent runs out  there.  It’s a shame as I liked the Kensington sim, but Brie’s shop is cheaper to rent, so it’s a good move.   I still love Kensington and will go back there regularly to see what’s going on and do some stories on it, TD Reinard had made it into a place of great SL beauty and very like the real Kensington.

It’s been lots of fun at the new club, it’s called ‘The West End Club’ and is already pulling big crowds.

We had our usual CNN meeting Tuesday night and there was more of us there for a change, but typically one lady wanted to talk about her project in SL and as Nicole didn’t have much time we never really got around to discussing much else.  Maybe Nicole needs to give people time slots to say their bit, it is difficult in SL though and you can’t really cut someone short who is determined to carry on using local chat if they still have a lot to say.  It seems some people only turn up if they want someone else to cover a story, I’m not sure, maybe she will write about it herself, who knows.


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