Drax’s New Home in the Sky!

Brie and Seany opened their new sim and they are getting on a treat, Clive is doing the building there and they are up and running with lots of shops already occupied and the West End Club is already a hot favourite.  Brie called me over to look at some Skybox apartments that her and Seany planned to install, I called Hibiscus and Ed to have a look too and Pink and Clive also joined us. 

The first one we looked in was absolutely gorgeous, Brie has such good designing skills and her choice of furniture and colours are brilliant.

I made myself at home on the sofa in front of the roaring fire while the others looked around, the bedroom upstairs was equally beautiful and there is a great balcony outside where you can sit under the stars.  Seany joined us, landing his helicopter on the roof.

I think it was love at first sight for us as we all thought the apartment was a ‘must have’.   Drax came on-line later and I excitedly told him about the skybox and he  wanted to have a look.  Brie showed us two other types as well, they were all nice and you could keep the furniture or put your own in with 50 extra prims as well.  Drax decided there and then to rent one, which means lucky me will be able to go there without giving up my beach home and shop.  I’m really pleased for him it’s a fantastic apartment.

Hibiscus decided to rent one too and it was a good job that Drax and Hib got in early because within a day all 10 skyboxes were rented out, not bad going for Brie and Seany!  Another great aspect of it is that the West End club is only down the road so off we went to celebrate.  It was a best in nightwear competition last night and I cheated and didn’t get changed, but lots of the others looked good in their PJ’s, we all got a teddy bear each to hold too, which looked really funny.  It was my lucky night as I kept winning the sploder and Brie came over wearing her hair curlers to see if my luck would rub off on her!  I think Brie has lots of luck already, along with all the hard work she puts in, her and Seany look right on track with their new venture.


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