Finding Time, Too Much Going On!!

Time is a big enemy at the moment, what with real life things and lots going on in SL, it’s all been a bit crazy.  I have expanded Virtually London (lite) to cover other London sims and places all over the grid, there are a lot of lovely people out there doing amazing London projects.  The New London Village which has a Dr Who theme is a gem, they really work hard at making it all exciting for everyone and the Whitechapel 1888 sim is great, recalling life and times on the Victorian Streets around the Jack the Ripper time.  It’s a lot of fun going out exploring and meeting lots of new people.  I dropped into the Fantasy Faire yesterday and got talking to one of the designers and ended up putting an article on Our Virtual Trilogy there and then, so you can never tell when a story is waiting for you to arrive.  I also passed through a combat sim and talked to the guy there, so I will go back to do a story on that, hopefully within the next few days.  I had a call from a lovely lady, fellow CNN writer AvaJean about the theatre group she belongs to, so I went over with Drax for a meeting with her and JubJub to talk about coming events and I am hoping to get that written up very soon too.  I have to catch up with xstorm and Patsy to visit their sim and it’s all exciting but all a bit of a rush at the moment.  To make matters worse I am interested in the general election and there is an election HQ in virtual Kensington which Kirland Coba has opened right next to my shop, maybe I will just have to give up real life for a while, hehe.

I do make time to go and have fun though, Drax, Hib and Ed and me dropped into the West End club and had a great night as they were doing a cowboys theme.  Drax had the bright idea about getting his horse out and line dancing with it, I followed him and got out my Arabian stallion and we were quite in sync with the horses following all the steps, it was a real laugh!!


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