Global Love Day and Down at the Car Lot!

Did you know it’s Global Love Day today?  Well it’s a nice idea and the people who run the Love Foundation have brought Global Love Day into SL for the first time, it’s been running for 7 years in real life.  I had a call from Lady Krimmer and she wanted me to meet Eric Evermore (Eric Grant) from the foundation.  Eric IM me and I went on over to their island sim that they have created for today’s events.  There I met Eric and the founder and President Horace W Becker (HB Eternal).  They were already dancing and enjoying themselves, I also met Philip McGillivary, Rick Zackerly, Fleur Feila, Deborealis Messioptra, Kristi Losaberidze and trevor Rufus.  What a lovely bunch of people, they made me very welcome.  Erik, HB and Deb were fairly new and I think they were having a good time finding how to get around.  They plan a big party for today to celebrate Global Love Day, there are many countries involved and it’s a day to spread your love to people all over the world.  It starts at 8am (PDT) till 8pm (PDT), so you can drop in over the 12 hour period and meet them all.  Read all about it at

On Tuesday Ed and I headed over to the CNN meeting and Nicole decided to hold the meeting in the car lot for a change.  The funny thing is that the cars all look really nice and you might have thought, well I’ll just sit in this one for the meeting, as Ed tried to do, and he got the nasty message saying  ‘This isn’t your car’ whilst being thrown out.

I don’t think Nicole had seen it happen to Ed and she tried to sit in one of the cars too  and I just managed to see her flying through the air, but I wasn’t quick enough to get a picture, you would think that CNN would at least let their own people have permissions to sit in the cars!  She ended up sitting daintily on the roof of a car and we all sat on them too avoiding the poseballs.  Kake seem to have got into the actual seat, but was sitting sideways, so he cleverly never got ejected.

It was quite a good meeting as there were a few people there and the car lot made a change from the arena meeting area.


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