Robot Dances and the Darn Tarn!

The bank holiday was packed with things to do in SL, in fact it’s a good job I can teleport because I would never be able to cover everything otherwise!!  I wanted to call in on the Global Love day event which I had covered on CNN, as I wanted to see everyone there and also do a follow up story on how it all went.  I needn’t have worried about them, they were doing fine and I enjoyed my visit.  I called into virtual Kensington because there was a rumour that London Mayor Boris Johnson was in the sim, well the av had a shock of white hair like good old Boris, so I had to go and have a look, but I’ll tell more on Virtually London (lite), probably tomorrow!  While I was in Kensington I danced around the Maypole with Isobel, Ed, Gold and Piper, which was fun, then I teleported off to a Queen tribute concert at Brie and Seany’s West End club.  Eliza joined us and we had a great time, the tribute band was one of StageOne Production’s performances and they really do well.  Sunday saw the Abba tribute concert in virtual Hyde Park and the London team put on the show themselves.  Abba is always popular and the team went through their paces and put on a good show, it was great fun.

Back at the West End club they had a wacky dances theme and Ed and Drax were there too, shame Hibiscus missed this, she would have loved it, the sight of everyone doing soppy dances was hilarious, Drax came into his own with this one, he usually picks the strangest dances anyway and has me in stitches, but he found a robot dance and looked like he was directing the the traffic!

At the end of the evening we all got on the Bunny Hop dance and formed a line, snaking crazilly around the dance floor, funny how watching your avatar on SL can make you laugh so much, we had a great time.

Drax and I thought we would visit Murray to see who was about earlier in the day and there were only two people there, two ladies.  I found that I couldn’t move when I went to walk and Drax found the same, one of the ladies remained and said she thought she could cast a spell to get rid of whatever it was, it felt like an invisible prim, but who knows.  The lady av cast her spell, making it snow and, low and behold, the invisible barrier vanished.  I think Drax and I thought the same thing, that she may have put the barrier there in the first place.  Murray never changes, it’s still a place for people to try out their tricks which is part of its charm.  Drax decided to call his faithful Tarn and we climbed on board and escaped as the bird flew skywards.  I watched out for the darn Tarn’s beak though, he has tried to bite me before and he isn’t getting a second chance!!


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