Too Much Going On!

The UK general election had been a busy time for me, I’d wanted to see how much was going on in the grid to do with it, and travelled over to see Kat Kassner in her New London sim.  She had a polling station set up, as did Virtual London in Hyde Park.  Kat’s sim is dedicated to Dr Who and all the things to do with the tv show, so she had a couple of extra candidates for government, The Time Lords being one of them.  I decided to do a very quick story for CNN as I thought this was hilarious and got it on within an hour or so.  Next thing CNN International had taken an interest in it and they wanted me to do a follow up story when the voting closed.  It was totally chaotic for me as I had a party to go to at the same time, friend Monet Fitzgerald was selling her beautiful Waverly Yacht Club sim and was having a farewell party.  I rushed back to Kat’s when the polls closed and took some photos, and just as I expected the Time Lords had won the SL election, so I got some more pictures and went off to write it up.  I made it to the party with Drax, as he had come on line and I asked Monet if he could come along too.  Monet looked lovely, so stylish as she danced the night away.  I think she is really going to miss the Waverly sim, but it will be exciting to see what she gets up to next!

I’d had two stories to chase up as well, one about a combat sim called Ordo Imperiarlis and the other about an Alice in WonderSLand show.  I’d spoken to Steeltael Lykin as I had travelled around the he told me about the combat sim, Steeltael was great, he told me that I needed to contact the founder and leader there,  Aryte Vesperia, to get permission to write about the sim, both Aryte and Steeltael (pictured below) contributed an awful lot to my story in the end and I was lucky enough to be shown around the sim too.  Steeltael tells me that they want to recruit more people from Europe for the sim, they have one of the largest groups in SL and anyone interested in combat should contact them.

I’d been looking forward to going to the Alice in WonderSLand show and went over on the 2nd May.  It was amazingly put together and many thanks to AvaJean Westland for inviting me along!  It was a very enjoyable evening in spite of me crashing when I took my pictures!


One Response to Too Much Going On!

  1. hibiscushastings says:

    Wow, I’m exhausted just from reading your post! Good luck to Monet, she is brilliant, I am sure whatever she comes up with next will be wonderful.
    I think that’s fantastic about the Time Lords story, well done. Maybe the Time Lords should have a political party in RL, they would probably do well.

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