An Invite to a Gallery Opening, Boye’s Shock Horror Shorts and Night in the Pub!

I got an invitation to a new Gallery opening a few days ago, it was from Nikk Huet my old boss from Virtually London (lite) so I decided to go and see what it was all about.  I saw Nikk with Saffia Widdershins and Terry Lightfoot as I walked in, and it was nice to see them again.  The event was being linked into the real world as an awards ceremony was going on in Alaska for the Rasmuson Foundation.  You can read the whole thing on my CNN report.  The musician who won the most prestigious award was John Luther Adams, and just my luck, the photo didn’t upload on CNN so I am putting it here.

There have been a few  parties at Tropical Drift lately and Hibiscus and Boye were over there as DJ Gen played the Beach Boys down on the beach front.  I’d been to a party the day before at the Aragon Ballroom and it was a Moody Blues tribute and that was really nice.  Hib called me over, she told me Boye had suddenly branched out from his gentlemanly Victorian outfits to don a pair of wild beach shorts.  I teleported over and couldn’t believe my eyes, and neither could Hib going by the photo, I never thought I’d see Boye in such colourful attire!!

I love getting dressed up and I was wandering around Virtual London last night and thought I’d take a look at the Three Bells pub as there seemed to be a lot going on there.  Well the theme was ‘formal’ and the crowd all looked great in their evening wear.  I decided to go and say hello and take some pictures, and next thing I’d got changed and was dancing the night away.  Hibiscus and Ed joined me and we had a great time.  It’s not a huge dance floor but it is a nice location and it was a friendly crowd too. 


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