Pixi’s Back!! And Makeover Fun!

I had been waiting a long time to see Pixi, our fellow reporter on Virtually London (lite).  It has been months and months since I last saw her, she hasn’t been very well and unable to get onto SL and I had been so worried about her.  When she finally got back I’d missed her a couple of times by not being logged on, but when we did get together it was brilliant, she is the same Pixi, the bubbly lovely person so full of life and it was the best feeling ever.  We met in our old office in virtual Kensington and Pixi’s av looked very sadly in need of a makeover.  Hibiscus and Ed came over, it was the first time Pixi and Ed had met, and it was really nice that we were all together.  I asked Pixi if she wanted to go shopping next time we were on and she said yes, so when we met up again Hibiscus and I took her to Redgraves where some wonderful skins can be found.

There are so many skins to pick from and I think it was quite bewildering for Pixi at first, but then she got into shopping mode, not a thing most of us women forget!! and soon we had her trying demos on to see which one she liked.

She kept asking us what we thought and Hib and I wanted her to pick, a skin is an important purchase and she had to really like it herself, it was fun though watching her changing in front of our eyes.

She settled for the skin in the picture above and then all she had to do was pick some eyes to go with it, she picked sparkling blue eyes in the end, with long eyelashes and our Pixi was reborn!  I think we all got choked up, Pixi was so happy and so were Hib and I, she looked stunning!

I’m so pleased Pixi is back, I’ve missed her so much and she brings a light into my SL life, I can’t wait for the day when she feels like writing again as her articles are full of wit and fun, just like her, welcome Back Pixi!!


4 Responses to Pixi’s Back!! And Makeover Fun!

  1. hibiscushastings says:

    What could be better? Getting together with friends and shopping! Welcome back Pixi, so happy to see you.

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Welcome back! We’ve all missed you!

  3. Drax Ember says:


    My brother said he’d love to meet you!!!

  4. Watch out Pixi!! people will say it’s Pixi Piers with the guy with sticky out Ears!!

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