Writing Stories Is Getting Tricky In SL!

We were warned at a CNN meeting a few weeks back that Linden Labs are bringing in copyright laws in respect of taking pictures in sims etc, owned by private individuals, so we always have to check the land details to make sure that photographs aren’t forbidden in that area.  It means that I contact a lot more people than I used to if I am doing a write up about how nice their sim is, so things take that much longer to report on.  I’ve been real busy with rl too lately, so that doesn’t help.  I’ve been a bit behind with my stories and I really wanted to report on xstorm Radek and Patty1 Rosca and their great City they built.  I finally got around to asking them both some questions and they were really nice and got back to me very quickly.  I went over to see xstorm and it was a shame that Patty wasn’t able to get on line, but luckily xstorm had a nice picture of her that I could use for my CNN report.  I have been surprised by the amount of hits that my report on them has had, but then again it looks like xstorm and Patty are famous figures on the internet and rightly so.  They both had very interesting stories to tell and it was a pleasure to write about them. 

As I’d waited to hear back from xstorm about going over to take some pictures, I went wandering and came across the Second Pride Festival for the LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender).  They have a Gateway there called Pride and it grabbed my interest.  I looked at the land details and traced one of the group who owned it, his name is Philip Eubanks and he made me very welcome.  I later met another owner Marcus Steeplechase and one of their team Ohiomike Lockjaw, (the sim is also owned by Meatjockey Lederberg).  They were great, they posed for some photos for me and both Philip and Marcus supplied lots of information about the brilliant job they are doing to accommodate the gay SL community.  So I got busily writing and the Pride story was ready to go on within a couple of days of xstorm’s article.  The new copyright laws do make you feel restricted though, it takes the pleasure out of exploring a bit, but there it is, there is no going back.

I went over to Janis Short’s new club The Hangout, to view the photos in the photo competition that she was running, the standards were very high and Janis asked me and Hibiscus to put a photo in each, we did, but we had to throw our hands up and concede that the others beat us hands down!!  I didn’t know what sort of pose I should do at the club but decided a glass of red wine might fit the bill!

Fellow reporter and dear friend Pixi Piers is back as I last reported, and she hasn’t wasted any time making her avatar look really pretty.  She got herself some lovely hair and has been buying some nice clothes.  We went shopping for shoes last night and it’s great to see her looking so happy, I think her smile says it all!!


4 Responses to Writing Stories Is Getting Tricky In SL!

  1. AlexHayden Junibalya says:

    Oh great….Thanks for the heads up on the photos issue, Janey. As if finding stories out there wasn’t hard enough, now we have to check land and ask permissions as well?
    Me thinks it might be time for me to scale back entries on CNN and concentrate on the blog instead

  2. AlexHayden Junibalya says:

    Sigh…and so it begins…even as I was typing my last message, just had an email refusing permission to take photos for a story I had planned…….

  3. AlexHayden Junibalya says:

    Me again….now that I’ve had time to kick the wall and throw my toys out of the pram……I can understand the logic of LL inforcing the copyright laws re: photos, If I was being paid for writing. But seeing as I started writing online purely because its something I ENJOY…

    Anyway, did I mention I like your blog? probably not..

  4. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for reading my blog! I have a link to yours on Virtually London (lite) and will include one on here too, as your blog is brilliant. The photo thing is a pain, we can’t take a photo of an unusual avatar either without their permission, it’s ok if they look like everyone else, but if someone has customised their av so they can be recognised that too is also against copyright (this in itself is ridiculous because the majority of avs have bought their skins, hair etc, from the shops in SL, so they are clones and not individuals). Maybe we are on a hiding to nothing to keep writing, as people will want us just to write to promote stuff, rather than us exploring and enjoying writing about what we find, as we have been doing up until now. CNN would like us to seek permission from the landowner each time, especially if they are vetting it and putting a CNN tag on the article. I suppose they are wise not to take any chances, but it has taken all the fun out of reporting for me, it’s lovely to meet people in new places, but sometimes things can get a little bit too involved. Maybe SL are shooting themselves in the foot with this, who knows, but there must be a reason why they have gone down this path and it’s probably money or the fear of being sued at the end of the day.

    It does make me think though, something that I do for fun and not money, may end up just hard work and a chore, so maybe it is time to think about stopping, I will see how it goes.

    Janey :))

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