Music at Last, it Was so Simple, and Congratulations to Eliza

I’d been without music all the time I have lived at my plot of land, it’s something I’d always wanted but never really understood how I could get it.  I’d looked at the information about the land quite a few times, but suddenly decided to look again, and scrolling to the media bit it looked like it could work, I suddenly decided to type the word music in search in the general menu to see if there was a clue there.  Then I saw the word radio and I went over to the sim to have a look.  Well there it was, so simple!  You just had to buy one of their radios, take it home and switch it on! just like in real life!!  They aren’t dear either, just 395 Lindens.

I can’t believe how easy and how good it is, there are loads of channels to pick from too.  I told Hibiscus and Drax about it and they both went out and got one as well.  I went over to Drax’s apartment to see him install it, it was a little bit different there though, because he rents the skybox, he had to do something about deeding the radio to the group before it would work and Clive, who is the building manager there, came along to show us how.

It has been such a busy week again for me that I haven’t had time to do much  in SL, but I was aware of my friend Eliza’s group notices she was putting out about collecting money for the people who were victims of the terrible floods in Poland.  Finally I looked at all the notices together and went over to donate some money for them.

Eliza and her friends are doing really well, they have hit and gone above the 50,000 Linden mark and the charity is still collecting , so if you want to go over and give just a little it would be very welcome, most of those people have nothing left, their homes and possessions all gone!!  The links are at the bottom of my CNN article about it.  Also many Congratulations to Eliza on the birth of her baby girl!!  I’ll be plaguing her for some pictures of the baby soon!!!


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