Catching Up and Rocking and Rolling!

It’s surprising how a couple of days out has put me behind with stuff, I had stories to go on Virtually London (lite) last week that I had to re-think and other new stories to fit in this week, but at least I’m never short of content as there is so much going on with London related stuff in SL.   Even in Virtual London I noticed a new club has been built just along from our shop in Kensington.  I spotted Ed and Isobel outside of the new ‘Rendezvous’ and then Kensington Manager Rob Fentwich dropped by for a chat.  Rob was telling us that this club would be different to the other clubs with new management, so it will be exciting to have it just a stones throw away from where we are based so we can pop in to ‘boogy on down’ when it opens.  Isobel said she may be having a garden party and Rob was showing us the latest in Barbeques, I think this one was a giant marshmallow!

I met up with Drax later and we had a look at the SL7B exhibits (SL 7th Birthday).  We spotted a familiar sight, it was the Coach and Horses pub from Virtual London, and like last year, London had their own stand there.  The actual SL7B site is huge and I would have liked to have seen more notecards about the exhibits and what the ideas where behind them on each stand, but it is very much up to the person who builds each one and some did do that, but not all.  There were some fantastic builds there though and lots of people used their imaginations to make them stand out from the others.

Drax and I went over to Runaround Sue’s  after, for a bit of Rock ‘n Roll, it was lots of fun and we surprised ourselves at how good we could dance!

We had a great time, and who knows, maybe the new Rendezvous club will be for a bit of Rock ‘n Roll too, we shall have to wait and see!!


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