It’s Nice to Chat!

It’s nice to have time on your hands to meet your friends and catch up with what’s going on.  I went over to the Union Jack Pub in Tropical Harmony and sat with Drax chatting about everything under the sun.

It was almost like sitting outside a real life pub on a nice summer evening, no rush, just enjoying the peace and quiet and watching the world go by.  Soon we were joined by Austin Static and Alt Lexington and then friend Hibiscus.  I saw Pixi on line and asked her over, but being ever tidy she was sorting her inventory so she said she would meet up another time (don’t mention out of control inventories!).  Alt went off exploring and Austin and Hib sat down with Drax and I.

We talked about the places we like to go and the clubs and things.  I suspect the clubs are very import in SL, as it’s where a lot of people meet, and it’s nice to be part of a regular crowd who all greet each other and have a laugh.  I dropped into the West End Club last night and they had a best in animal skin night, I thought it was a normal evening, but it turned out to be very funny so I’ll feature it in Virtually London (Lite) next week!

Before we met outside the Union Jack Pub, Drax and I had been exploring and ended up at a funfair in one of the sims.  We had lots of fun looking around and having a go on the rides.

Drax is always one to try stuff out and he led the way, even finding he could juggle very professionally on one of the stalls.  He gets hungry a lot and was seeking out a hamburger stall after the juggling, but couldn’t find one.  In the end he thought he would catch his own cow and put it in a sandwich, but the cow wasn’t having any of it and threw him off!

He had to settle for a hotdog in the end, the cow looked relieved!!!


2 Responses to It’s Nice to Chat!

  1. janis short says:

    next time you and Drax need a place to sit and chat…try the deck at the HangOut I’ve got a lovely patio set up there with fireflies…and the rain won’t get ya 🙂

  2. Hi Janis,

    You can guarantee we will be over to chat and have a dance too, once our time zones work out! I can’t think of a nicer place to be than your club!!

    Janey :))

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