Dance of the CNN ireporters and the Seven Veils Plus Torley Linden

I had a chance meeting with one of the famous Lindens yesterday, as I explored the stuff in showcase I saw a new entry for Book Island and teleported over there.  I must have been one of the first to arrive as the place was deserted.  Then on my radar I saw Torley Linden was standing not too far from where I was, so I headed over to say hello!  It was the first time I had seen him and he looked very colourful in his bright clothes.  Torley seemed to be afk at first when I said Hi, and then I asked if I could take his picture, I said ‘Hi Torley I’m being a nuisance sorry!”  He was very nice, he said “Oh it’s okay thanks Janey! friendly greetings to you :D, that’s so nice of ya, I’m just hanging out and testing stuff”  With that he told me I could take as many pictures as I wanted and asked if I wanted him to stand closer. On impulse I wrote about my meeting with Torley for CNN, it’s not every day you meet such a highly regarded member of Lindens Labs and he was so friendly! Nice to meet you Torley!!

I’m not sure we hadn’t all been on the vino on Tuesday night at the CNN meetings, I’d dropped into the earlier meeting  with Henry Hanks and one of the other members of the group seemed to be talking politics all the time, so I’m not sure which way the discussion was supposed to be going, Henry is off now till August anyways, so I hope he has a nice break.  I went to Nicole’s meeting later on and she was in very high spirits, in fact Nicole suggested we have a dance while the meeting was going on, and it was comical to watch.  I passed Nicole the Michael Jackson dance ao and then decided to join in as did Hibiscus and Ed.  A girl arrived right in the middle of things and I think she thought we were completely off our trolleys, but it was fun, and strangely enough we got some good ground covered with the topics this week.

There was lots going on last night as it was Amourette’s Rez Day party and she wanted everyone to dress in  Belly Dancing costumes.  It was fun dressing up in something different and when I got there the crowd all looked great, Am looked terrific!  It turned out to be one of the guy’s Rez days too, so we congratulated both Am and Spadylexy.

I got a costume from Barerose for the party and I was very pleased with it, looks like I’ll have to find a camel to go trekking across the desert to wear it again, but it was a lovely evening!

The party finished at 10pm (Uk) and then I got a message from Pink that there was a Bikers evening at the West End Club.  It was quick change from me, Hibiscus and Ed and we went over there.  Dj Seany was putting on some really good rock ‘n roll music and we had a brilliant time, the club looked amazing! Phew, think it’s an early night for me tonight!!


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