Great Night at Club Josephina’s 3rd Anniversary!

I had an invitation from Josephina Bonetto to attend the 3rd Anniversary of her brilliant ‘Club Josephina’.  I had met and interviewed Josephina a couple of years ago when she had an art display in her gallery in Virtual Mayfair, it was one of the first set of interviews I had done for Virtually London (lite) and Josephina was very nice as well as very talented.  I went over to the club with Drax and the theme for the party was ‘decadence’ and all the crowd looked really good.    It was a lovely night, congratulations Josephina on her club’s 3rd Anniversary!

The  next day I went exploring again and ended up in one of those beautiful fantasy landscaped sims, but not before I had been shopping, seeing a pair of boots that I really liked in Coco’s, I bought them and put them on!  Walking around with a spring in my step at seeing my nice new boots, I spotted a little copse with a dance animation inside that had 7 or eight dance balls for people to dance in a circle. Being on my own didn’t put me off, as I chose a dance ball and skipped and danced around a bit like Isadora Duncan.  Of  course you can’t be alone for long in SL, people think you are up to something and have to come over, next thing some avs were heading in my direction.  I decided to move away and I think the other avs must have wondered what I was doing dancing all on my own.  I went and stood in the meadow and thought how lovely people made these places, the virtual flowers are just wonderful.  Well I got my new boots (yes more new boots they seem to be a weakness with me!), and I got to have a dance, albeit on my own, but it was fun! so I was quite happy!


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