New Blog for InWorldz

August 29, 2010

I will be bringing some stories from the InWorldz grid, it’s new and exciting and lots of my friends are already over there as well as in SL.  I thought I would keep the two separate and start an InWorldz blog to tell you how I am getting on.  I have rented a piece of land and I’m setting up a News shop there too.  So far it’s lots of fun!  Anyway,  here is my new blog Janey’s Place in InWorldz!


New Beginnings For The West End Club And The New World

August 24, 2010

There has been quite a bit going on as usual, and not least of all the move of the West End club to a new location.  My friend Brie Janick has been very ill and hadn’t been able to make it in-world for quite a while and we all missed her and were worried about her too.  Seany, Brie’s fiance had been keeping us up to date on how she was doing and we were all so pleased when she finally returned.  The plans were to move the club to a new sim and Clive worked really hard to sort everything out and he eventually found a new spot to settle in.  Drax had his skybox at the old site and this too would be re-located to the new place.  We went back to Tropical Drift where the club and our News shop had been, we  just had a final toast to the happy times we had there.

They re-opened the club at the new location called Midnight Sands and it was soon up and running with not only the old gang turning up but with a lot of new faces too.  I soon got settled into one of the  shops and set up our ‘News Shop’ and Drax moved back into his skybox as did Hibiscus who had one too.  Brie came back and organised some great nights, and it has been one round of parties there. 

Talking of parties, I had looked forward to a concert in New London on Sunday just gone, it was a tribute Beatles night and it looked like a lot of fun.  However when I tried to teleport I was stuck, I just got a message about not being able to teleport in a timely fashion and to try later.  No matter how I tried I just didn’t get anywhere.  In the end I had to use another av, it’s a dead giveaway as it’s just like my usual av but at least I got over to see the show.  It was really a good night and I decided there and then to put the article on CNN, as I had already covered the Beatles anniversary of 50 years of being together in my last report.  Todays article was the 200th one I have written for them and it only seems a little while ago I had reached the 100 stage.

Looking at SL ‘help’ I found some solutions to difficulties in teleporting and one of them was to remove all my attachments, including my hair (shock horror of being bald!) and to teleport without them to see if that worked, and it did!!  The best way is to click on your av and remove all attachments from the pie chart menu, that way you won’t leave any attached.  I suppose if you wear stuff long enough you may get a corrupt script or something, but it worked for me, I’ve had no trouble since.   I also had a little trouble in Inworldz the new grid, I typed in ‘hair’ in Search, as my quest for shopping goes on even there! and I crashed and was told to re log.  Each time I tried to look for hair I crashed again.  I finally sent a ticket to the support people and they came back very quickly and told me that ‘hair’ would crash every time and they did know about it.  So I have to type ‘female hair’ now and that worked a treat, so any odd words I put in that make me crash I will know what to do in the future.  My av is looking better now in Inworldz, I found a nice skin which was quite cheap and some more hair.  The hunt will be on for some good clothes and shoes next, I just can’t stop shopping in SL or Inworldz!

Exploring InWorldz

August 17, 2010

My friend Hibiscus Hastings had found out where Mayor LittleBlackDuck Lindsay, who had owned the Nation of Victoriana in SL, had re-built his fabulous Victorian City.  The Mayor had left SL and found a new virtual world.  Hibiscus joined the new grid and she once again has an art gallery in the Mayor’s brave new world.  Hib has written an excellent article about it for CNN called The Return of Victoriana.  Intrigued I registered with the new world ‘InWorldz’ and before I knew it I found myself in the welcome area as ‘Janey Bracken’.  As I stood there, the first person I saw, and who welcomed me, was called Arkady and I instantly knew I had seen him before.  Arkady had been in SL in the London sims where I had met him before.  He kindly directed me to a freebies shop, as my poor avatar needed lots of work.  The freebies shop was very good, I even got a voucher for some new hair from one of the designer shops there.  I also found some hair straight away which I put on, then I  looked for a skin and shape that I could modify and I was on my way.  They had some nice clothes too, all in all a great way for a new av to start.  I was pleased to see that the menus were very similar to SL so there wasn’t a great deal to learn with the basic stuff.

I took a trip to the designer’s shop called London Core to pick out some new hair using the hair voucher.  I kept crashing, but the owner of London Core, Dawn Harbour,  had supplied some handy hints on how to stop crashing by downloading another viewer (hippo), which I did, and found that worked ok.  I picked my hair and then dropped the notecard back to Dawn telling her which style and colour I liked and she kindly sent me the new hair.  What a lovely gift to a newbie! thank you Dawn!  I noticed an Evie’s Closet dress in the Freebies shop too, I love Evie’s clothes in SL so I got that too.  I returned the next day, putting on my new hair.

I went back to where I had logged in and met greeters Arkady and Honey who were doing a great job looking after new arrivals.  I told Arkady and Honey that I would put InWorldz on my blog and Honey asked me to tell people not to shout at the greeters as they are volunteers!  Nothing changes does it, kind people give their services and still people have a go at them!  So come on you lot, they are there to help you, don’t give them a hard time!!!   They were very helpful telling me about InWroldz and they liked it very much. 

Hibiscus came on line and joined us.  As we stood next to each other I realised that either I was too tall or she was too small, not sure which yet, but Hib looked great, she had found a Victorian dress and hairstyle for Victoriana and I think she was glad to have her base there again for her gallery.

I don’t think I will ever leave SL, but this new world looks like fun and it is still in its beta stages and quite exciting.  There are niggly little technical things as you would expect with something new, but watch this space!  InWorldz should prove very popular.

English Role Play and Back to Thentis

August 13, 2010

I’ve been looking around for English sims and came across a nice one that is set in the early 1800s’ it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Antiquity London.  It was very quiet when I first found it, but I went back there with Drax later on and we both dressed the part as it is a role play sim.  We sat for a while on the East India Dock and watched the boats going by.

The kindly Harbour Master told us about an Inn a little further down the road so we decided to have some refreshments.  Julie the barmaid made us very welcome and I had a glass of mead while Drax ordered some ale.

We listened as Julie chatted to a sailor and she gave some water to two dogs who wandered in and made themselves at home.  The Inn was a pleasing place to be and the mead was very good!  Drax and I decided to leave Antiquity London, planning to go back there again, and travel over to the Gorean City of Thentis.  I had to go home to get changed first, being a strict dress code in Gorean Cities, I didn’t want to look out-of-place or get rejected.  I put on my free woman dress, it’s blue as I am a scribe, (quite fitting for the amount of writing I do!), I can’t really come to terms with the face veil though, but it goes with the role, so I put it on, Drax thinks it stops me talking, so he’s quite happy that I wear it!!.  We teleported and landed outside the city.

Drax went marching off and I followed, he found his way around to the gates and shouted out to see if someone would let us weary travellers in!

A kind lady, another scribe, let us enter and made us welcome. Her name was Regan and she told us about how the city was going through many changes and being re-built in places.  Thentis looked very nice and it was good to visit it again, Drax had a little house there quite a while ago and he had enjoyed living there. 

We thanked Regan and said our farewells.  Drax has recently heard from a friend who was from the old Thentis and she has returned to the town, so we may go again soon and hopefully she can show us around.

Quite a Musical Week!

August 3, 2010

I like to look at some of the live music venues in SL and Drax and I teleported over to a couple this week.  I looked down the events list and picked the Ibiza sim where singer Tony Cluny was doing a great job entertaining the crowd.  Tony has a rich country sound and all the people there loved him.  We joined in with the line dancing and it was really good.

From listening to Tony we went over to the  Bali sim where we caught Lexie Luan’s performance, Lexie was a lot of fun and has a lovely voice, the people in both sims had been really friendly too, so we had a good time. 

Drax being in charge of the dance animation, as ever picked some wacky dances for us, and at one stage I thought I was going to take off, good job he has strong arms!!  He thinks it’s hilarious and I must admit it made me laugh too!

I had a couple of events this week, the amazing Provincetown’s 4th Anniversary, where such a brilliant bunch of people made me so welcome.  It was 3am in the morning for me and I wished I could have stayed longer with them!  Many thanks to my main contact there, Dillon Speculaas who was just so fantastic with the information he gave me about the sim.  I recorded the event on CNN and the party on a follow-up report..

Then there was an exciting opening of a new 1900 century club owned by Celestine Neutron.  Friend Spooks Blackburn had told me about Celestine and her new club and it was a nice story to follow.  I put one of my favourite dresses on, which I have had for a while, and headed on over to Shanghai Lily’s the lovely new venue.  Celestine had a great singer hired to open the proceedings and his name was Crooner Carlucci.

The opening was a great success with everyone looking so cool in their evening wear.  Crooner came out into the audience picking on different ladies to dance with while he sang.  He looked like he was heading in my direction at one stage, but decided to head off again, must be my vulture reporter vibes that are very off-putting, or the fact that I was flinging my arms around with my dance animation, looks like I’m too used to doing wacky dances with Drax that I do it on my own too now!

You can read more about Celestine’s story on CNN and the opening night for Shanghai Lily’s on Our Virtual Trilogy!   It’s been a hectic week, but lots of fun, SL is never dull!!