Quite a Musical Week!

I like to look at some of the live music venues in SL and Drax and I teleported over to a couple this week.  I looked down the events list and picked the Ibiza sim where singer Tony Cluny was doing a great job entertaining the crowd.  Tony has a rich country sound and all the people there loved him.  We joined in with the line dancing and it was really good.

From listening to Tony we went over to the  Bali sim where we caught Lexie Luan’s performance, Lexie was a lot of fun and has a lovely voice, the people in both sims had been really friendly too, so we had a good time. 

Drax being in charge of the dance animation, as ever picked some wacky dances for us, and at one stage I thought I was going to take off, good job he has strong arms!!  He thinks it’s hilarious and I must admit it made me laugh too!

I had a couple of events this week, the amazing Provincetown’s 4th Anniversary, where such a brilliant bunch of people made me so welcome.  It was 3am in the morning for me and I wished I could have stayed longer with them!  Many thanks to my main contact there, Dillon Speculaas who was just so fantastic with the information he gave me about the sim.  I recorded the event on CNN and the party on a follow-up report..

Then there was an exciting opening of a new 1900 century club owned by Celestine Neutron.  Friend Spooks Blackburn had told me about Celestine and her new club and it was a nice story to follow.  I put one of my favourite dresses on, which I have had for a while, and headed on over to Shanghai Lily’s the lovely new venue.  Celestine had a great singer hired to open the proceedings and his name was Crooner Carlucci.

The opening was a great success with everyone looking so cool in their evening wear.  Crooner came out into the audience picking on different ladies to dance with while he sang.  He looked like he was heading in my direction at one stage, but decided to head off again, must be my vulture reporter vibes that are very off-putting, or the fact that I was flinging my arms around with my dance animation, looks like I’m too used to doing wacky dances with Drax that I do it on my own too now!

You can read more about Celestine’s story on CNN and the opening night for Shanghai Lily’s on Our Virtual Trilogy!   It’s been a hectic week, but lots of fun, SL is never dull!!


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