English Role Play and Back to Thentis

I’ve been looking around for English sims and came across a nice one that is set in the early 1800s’ it is the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Antiquity London.  It was very quiet when I first found it, but I went back there with Drax later on and we both dressed the part as it is a role play sim.  We sat for a while on the East India Dock and watched the boats going by.

The kindly Harbour Master told us about an Inn a little further down the road so we decided to have some refreshments.  Julie the barmaid made us very welcome and I had a glass of mead while Drax ordered some ale.

We listened as Julie chatted to a sailor and she gave some water to two dogs who wandered in and made themselves at home.  The Inn was a pleasing place to be and the mead was very good!  Drax and I decided to leave Antiquity London, planning to go back there again, and travel over to the Gorean City of Thentis.  I had to go home to get changed first, being a strict dress code in Gorean Cities, I didn’t want to look out-of-place or get rejected.  I put on my free woman dress, it’s blue as I am a scribe, (quite fitting for the amount of writing I do!), I can’t really come to terms with the face veil though, but it goes with the role, so I put it on, Drax thinks it stops me talking, so he’s quite happy that I wear it!!.  We teleported and landed outside the city.

Drax went marching off and I followed, he found his way around to the gates and shouted out to see if someone would let us weary travellers in!

A kind lady, another scribe, let us enter and made us welcome. Her name was Regan and she told us about how the city was going through many changes and being re-built in places.  Thentis looked very nice and it was good to visit it again, Drax had a little house there quite a while ago and he had enjoyed living there. 

We thanked Regan and said our farewells.  Drax has recently heard from a friend who was from the old Thentis and she has returned to the town, so we may go again soon and hopefully she can show us around.


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