Exploring InWorldz

My friend Hibiscus Hastings had found out where Mayor LittleBlackDuck Lindsay, who had owned the Nation of Victoriana in SL, had re-built his fabulous Victorian City.  The Mayor had left SL and found a new virtual world.  Hibiscus joined the new grid and she once again has an art gallery in the Mayor’s brave new world.  Hib has written an excellent article about it for CNN called The Return of Victoriana.  Intrigued I registered with the new world ‘InWorldz’ and before I knew it I found myself in the welcome area as ‘Janey Bracken’.  As I stood there, the first person I saw, and who welcomed me, was called Arkady and I instantly knew I had seen him before.  Arkady had been in SL in the London sims where I had met him before.  He kindly directed me to a freebies shop, as my poor avatar needed lots of work.  The freebies shop was very good, I even got a voucher for some new hair from one of the designer shops there.  I also found some hair straight away which I put on, then I  looked for a skin and shape that I could modify and I was on my way.  They had some nice clothes too, all in all a great way for a new av to start.  I was pleased to see that the menus were very similar to SL so there wasn’t a great deal to learn with the basic stuff.

I took a trip to the designer’s shop called London Core to pick out some new hair using the hair voucher.  I kept crashing, but the owner of London Core, Dawn Harbour,  had supplied some handy hints on how to stop crashing by downloading another viewer (hippo), which I did, and found that worked ok.  I picked my hair and then dropped the notecard back to Dawn telling her which style and colour I liked and she kindly sent me the new hair.  What a lovely gift to a newbie! thank you Dawn!  I noticed an Evie’s Closet dress in the Freebies shop too, I love Evie’s clothes in SL so I got that too.  I returned the next day, putting on my new hair.

I went back to where I had logged in and met greeters Arkady and Honey who were doing a great job looking after new arrivals.  I told Arkady and Honey that I would put InWorldz on my blog and Honey asked me to tell people not to shout at the greeters as they are volunteers!  Nothing changes does it, kind people give their services and still people have a go at them!  So come on you lot, they are there to help you, don’t give them a hard time!!!   They were very helpful telling me about InWroldz and they liked it very much. 

Hibiscus came on line and joined us.  As we stood next to each other I realised that either I was too tall or she was too small, not sure which yet, but Hib looked great, she had found a Victorian dress and hairstyle for Victoriana and I think she was glad to have her base there again for her gallery.

I don’t think I will ever leave SL, but this new world looks like fun and it is still in its beta stages and quite exciting.  There are niggly little technical things as you would expect with something new, but watch this space!  InWorldz should prove very popular.


6 Responses to Exploring InWorldz

  1. Welcome to Inworldz Janey!!

    I’m currently looking for a plot of land to buy there (and compared to SL prices I can get a lot of land for my money!) so feel free to drop me a ‘hi!’ if you’re about.

    You got a voucher for free hair? Knew I should have set my avatar up as a woman……. 🙂

  2. Hi Alex,

    It’s great that you have already found InWorldz and I can see why you are looking for land, I must admit I’ve been looking too, as I’m tempted to have a base there! I will certainly say Hi if I see you there :))

    P.S. Lol, the hair was a nice surprise, the designer may have had men’s hair too, might be worth a look!!

  3. Ed Follet says:

    Hi Janey, funny to see you and Hib looking so different hight-wise, I guess each of you should be somewhere in the middle. It must be a very exciting project, pioneering in a new world. Content creation would be a priority and an opportunity to learn and develop new building skills. I am looking forward very much to reading your reports.

    Ed :-))

  4. Johnnytreadlightly Nightfire says:

    Drats, you’ve found my secret lair! Glad you’ve made it over, Janey! You’ll have to look me up there as that’s where I spend all my time lately. Shortened my name to Johnny Night 🙂

  5. Hi Johnny yes tracked your lovely sim down and I even offered friendship to Johnny Night, hope you got it!!

  6. Hi Ed,

    You ought to come along for the ride! It’s fun finding my way around and there are shops!! yes I can carry on shopping!!


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