Up on a Mountaion with a Tiger and Dancing in the Wrong Clothes

September 30, 2010

I’d written a story for CNN about an SL Zoo called Parktown Zoo  and I had found it to be a great place to visit with all the well sculptured SL animals.  I went on to the CNN meeting on Tuesday and Nicole the CNN Producer decided that we should try a different part of the island again to sit and chat.  She fancied the top of the mountain, so we flew up to a rickety bridge and settled down to talk.  So Any1, Ed and I made ourselves comfortable. 

 At the CNN meeting with Nicole we got onto talking about the article and about animals in SL and how good they were now.  Nicole wanted to know more about animals in SL so I looked into my inventory and gave her a tiger.  Actually it’s an old SL tiger, but quite a good one, you rez it to the ground and it follows you wherever you walk.  Nicole quite liked the tiger and she walked up and down the rickety bridge as we all held on as it swayed back and forth.

I told her to pass one to Henry ireport too, as I’m sure he would like to have a tiger at his meetings to keep all the ireporters under control!!  We had a good meeting and covered quite a few things.  Nicole said goodbye when it was all over and logged out.  Only thing was, she left her tiger there!

At that stage we all got up and thought we had better run before the tiger decided he wanted some virtual lunch!!!   Back at my house I met up with Drax and we decided to explore some medieval sims.  I put my nice new outfit on from Evie’s Closet.  It’s a wench gown and you get two versions, a tatty version which looks like a begger girl ‘s dress and a clean version which is lovely.  I donned the clean version and we set off.  We didn’t have much success as most of the sims seemed empty of people at that time, so Drax asked me if I wanted to go to Run Around Sue’s for a dance instead.  We didn’t change our clothes and we looked very odd indeed with all the other clubbers there, but we had a good time!


Posh Office for the News Team and CNN with Popcorn!

September 22, 2010

I love the New London Village owned by Kat Kassner, I think her and her manager Laredo Lowtide have one of the best London sims, their buildings are exquisite and they are always doing something new and exciting there.  They let us have an office there too, which I really liked, we were in the older part of town and our windows were a little shabby and the roof leaked a little, but it was our base!  Then I got a call from Laredo saying did we mind changing our office to another location, and of course, we didn’t mind at all, but I got a shock when I saw where they decided to put us!!  We have moved into the Houses of Parliament and it’s fantastic, how nice of Kat and Laredo!  It’s a splendid building and the Big Ben clock tower is just amazing, so we are very happy!  Thank you Kat and Laredo!!

We have put our furniture in there and our posters, but we are still doing bits to it, so drop by and take a look!!   It was our usual Tuesday CNN meeting last night and when I teleported over to CNN Island I had a job to find the others as they weren’t quite in their usual spot.  Then I saw Nicole, Wolf and Any1 in the little diner by the car lot.   Nicole wanted us to sit down for a chat and we did, I handed some popcorn around and munched my way through the meeting.  Nicole says CNN may revamp the Island so that will be interesting to see what they do.

I told Nicole all about InWorldz and how in spite of all the bugs that needed ironing out, it was a pretty exciting place to be at the moment with all the people making a base there.  I had written an article about it, comparing it to SL, which I still love, but I’m happy to be in both worlds and I’ve even started a small business in InWorldz selling Christmas decorations.  We were joined by Hibiscus and Kake and we stayed on after Nicole finished the meeting to have a chat.

I went back home after the meeting and caught up on some writing, I had my visit to the Antiquity London sim to finish off as well as updating Our Virtual Trilogy, so I had plenty to do, as well as making Christmas decs for the shop!

Hair Fair Fun and Sarah’s Wonderful Bridge!

September 10, 2010

I saw that the Hair Fair 2010 was on in SL and after several attempts I managed to teleport over there, its been crowded each and every day, so the sim was full on lots of occasions and when I did get there the lag was awful just as I’d expected.  Hibiscus and Cutewillow came along too and we had a laugh trying to move around.  I found I could cheat and stand in the middle of the shops and cam my camera inside instead of entering each shop and I managed to get quite a few free or ‘dollarbe’ gifts on offer from the designers that way.  Some of their creations looked fantastic and I will travel to their shops after to have a look at the styles without worrying about the lag.  It’s on till the 19th September, so I might go back and see if I missed anything the first time.

I went back to my home later to try the freebies on and there were some really nice styles in there.  I went to the Hangout Club that evening as there was a 60’s night and I  opted for one of the hairstyles that had a cap with it, similar to a John Lennon shaped cap, so with some denim clothes I went off and had a good time with DJ Janis and the crowd at the Hangout.

The New London village owned by Kat Kassner has some beautiful buildings created by Kat and manager Laredo Lowtide, including Tower Bridge.  Friend SarahKB7 Koskinen is also a brilliant builder and she went over to have a look at New London and decided to have a go herself at building Tower Bridge.  Sarah has previously worked on kitting out whole sims as well as building Sci Fi themed items.  Sarah called me over to have a look at the bridge and it was stunning, not completely finished the first time I saw it, but even then quite remarkable.  Hibiscus came over too and we boarded Sarah’s double-decker bus, complete with her original SKB trademark on the front,  and set off over the bridge.

I asked Laredo to come over and see Sarah’s bridge and he really liked it too.  I’d been exploring Kat and Laredo’s space station Nerva this week and I thought it was fantastic, I would recommend a visit because you can even go for a space walk once up there, see Virtually London (lite) for the Landmark.  I had to log, but later on Sarah invited me back to see the finished version of Tower Bridge, she had put lots of detail in like the high catwalks complete with crests and flags, she said she wants to make it so people can walk through those parts too.  The arches were etched in a lovely blue hue and she had included an inner rail along the pavement, completed the turrets and renewed the road texture.  I hope Sarah uses this bridge or someone buys it from her for their own particular London, it’s a real shame to keep it hidden in her inventory!  Well done Sarah!

The Art of Costume Change and Nothing to Wear!

September 3, 2010

Because I go to lots of different SL functions and events, I always have to have the right outfits to hand to fit whatever is going on, but sometimes it all gets a bit much as my inventory is bulging with stuff, but being so unorganised, I have a job finding what I want to wear!  I wanted to go over to a 1920’s Chicago sim the other day and I think I spent three times as long looking for something to put on as I did being there!  I didn’t want to spend a fortune on something that I wouldn’t wear very often so I looked around a lot of stores.  I did find a nice dress in the end and I had a beret in my inventory that I put on just for something extra.  I teleported over to Chicago and there were a few people around, but I need to go back when there is more action taking place as it’s a role play sim with a gangster theme.

That evening there was a ‘do’ on at the West End Club and I didn’t realise till late.  I’d already changed out of my twenties costume and the West End theme was Angels and Devils!   I cheated, I went over there with a devil’s halo that I have in my inventory  but kept my day clothes on, everyone looked fantastic though with their devils and angels outfits.

Taking a break and going exploring is nice sometimes, without feeling I have to report on what the sim is all about as seems to be my SL habit!  I went over to a beautiful place called Runestones and got my horse out and wandered about.  I spotted a nice cottage and sat inside for a while by the roaring fire, even virtual places like that are relaxing and nice.

Last night I was back on the dance scene again, I went to a place in showcase called The Rock Store and found the people there very friendly, it’s a nice cosy club for Rock ‘n Roll and they will have a live band there in the next few days, so I’ll try to get back over to see them!  I couldn’t stay as the Beach Club was opening in Midnight Sands and dj Janis was on.  There I was looking through my inventory again for beach clothes!  In the end I found some shorts I didn’t even know I had with a Pixel Dolls top and some sandals,  I was ready!  It was a great night and I really will have to organise my inventory a little bit better for next time!!